Many would say that soccer and Lzf lights have nothing in common, but in the Willem II stadium in Tilburg they do. The new supporters bar sports our sculptural Spiro lamps under which up to a thousand supporters can watch the game from the luxury of this modern sports bar.

Willem II Tilburg soccer team is a long established club playing in the highest echelon of professional soccer in the Netherlands. Founded in 1896, the club was relocated to the Koning Willem II Stadion in 1995. Later on, the stadium was renovated to include a restaurant, conference rooms, a business club and a supporters bar in the main building.

In 2017 the interior design studio André & Laura van der Gun undertook the redecoration of the supporters bar.

The supporters bar is a room that looks out over the playing field, measuring 100 meters long by 50 meters wide on match days it can hold up to 1000 supporters.



When designing the bar, the studio kept one main fact in mind: that Dutch people are on average 6ft tall, and that when the bar is being used it is really crowded, so the focus on the interior design should be placed on the ceilings. As André van der Gun points out: “On match days, when the room is crowded, you see neither the floor nor the bar, you only see the lamps”.

So, the whole project was based on that. The different areas in the room where divided by different lighting. Our large Spiro lamps become then main character in two different spaces.

Designed by Remedios Simón, Spiro is a charismatic pendant whose frame contains a mass of irregular wood veneer spirals. Its particular thin and wide design allows for a great impact in low ceiling rooms that, as in this case, are going to be used by tall individuals.

Spiro lamps design

Spiro is an impressive light with an enchanting aura that casts a warm light thanks to its array of wood veneer spirals, conferring the room with a distinctive and special warmth.