The new Lens lamp from LZF was designed by MUT, a multidisciplinary Spanish design studio founded in 2010 by designers Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón. At MUT, circular shapes form the basis for many of the studio’s creative projects. When designing Lens, MUT imagined ovals in different sizes, drawing inspiration from peepholes, portholes and photographic lenses.

Rather than craft an intricate lamp—one made using folds and pleats—the studio instead focused on LZF’s use of wood veneer in its most natural form, in particular highlighting the timber grain. As a result, Lens is an uncomplicated, effortless lamp.

The Lens Oval shade highlights the natural beauty of timber grain.

Despite its apparent simplicity, Lens is a lamp filled with character, presence and poise. With flowing lines and no hard edges, the lamp’s wood veneer shade surrounds an oval circumference of light, and in its centre a clear void is encircled by a metal ring. The shade is connected to a slender metallic base. In Lens, we find a radiant light that traces the air, and a lamp whose symmetry is entirely pleasing to the eye.

The Lens Circular table lamp.

Lens is both a table lamp and a floor lamp, and has two shade types: circular and oval. The Lens Circular is a well-proportioned, dapper table lamp. The Lens Oval is available in three versions: the floor oval, with a truncated ellipse; the floor super oval, with an elongated ellipse; the table oval. All three oval variations have a smooth, sleek form. 

The Lens Super Oval floor (left) and Lens Oval floor (right).

The Lens lamp collection—table circular, floor oval, floor super oval and table oval—is available in six wood veneer finishes: ivory white, natural cherry, natural beech, blue, grey and pale rose. The Lens lamp’s metal ring, stem and base are available in five exquisite metal finishes: matt ivory, matt black, black nickel, gold and copper. The Lens lamp’s LED light source includes integrated dimming. 

Lens Circular table.

Lens Oval floor.

Lens Super Oval floor.

Lens Oval table.

In Lens, MUT has captured the very essence of an effortless lamp, creating a contemporary light whose form is aesthetically pleasing, expressive and thorough—it is LZF through and through.

Designers Eduardo Villalón and Alberto Sánchez of MUT.