Loop is part of LZF’s discerning new collection. Both smart and punchy, this unique lamp is instantly appealing. Combining an air of mid-century modern charm with a clean, contemporary flair, Loop will feel at home in any well-dressed interior. 

Loop by MUT.

Loop was designed by MUT, a multidisciplinary Spanish design studio founded in 2010 by designers Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón. When thinking about a new lamp for LZF, this creative duo were inspired by the idea of jewellery—they set about designing a lamp as jewellery for the home. While jewellery is often shiny, conspicuous and extravagant, MUT’s approach was to create a simple, timeless piece: a pleasingly aesthetic, practical and discreet lamp.

As part of its design philosophy, MUT strives to experiment with and redefine everyday objects—a lamp is a good case in point. At its core, it has a purpose: to light a space, a room, a corner. But in doing so, the lamp must consider a number of variables, such as mood, emotion, temperature and function, to name a few. As a design team, MUT embraces such variables, ensuring they are central to the creative process.

When creating Loop, MUT’s objective was to deliver a lamp with a strong personality. The team achieved this by showcasing LZF’s natural wood veneer in its purest, most essential form. At Loop’s centre, a circular acrylic diffuser is ringed by a strip of wood veneer. Around this, MUT incorporated a second oval-shaped strip of veneer and finally, an oval-shaped metal handle. Each of these concentric rings sit within a metal base. In its entirety, Loop is an expression of simplicity, strength and substance.  

Loop’s light source is LED and includes a dimming switch. Available in two wood veneer finishes—natural cherry and natural beech—and three metal finishes—matt black, black nickel and gold—LZF and MUT have crafted an original lamp, like a piece of jewellery, that will add character to any part of the home.

Loop is just one example of LZF’s commitment to design excellence and innovation, and to the brand’s numerous collaborations with creatives and artists from a range of sectors.

Designers Eduardo Villalón and Alberto Sánchez of MUT.