Designed by the Spanish architect and designer Ramón Esteve, LZF’s new Thesis lamp is modern and intimate. Available as both a floor lamp and table lamp, Thesis is a particularly compelling light, not least because its design is, on the surface, relatively simple: a wood veneer shade held by a metal tripod. Look closer and you will notice that with Thesis there is no actual light bulb in the traditional sense. Rather, the shade structure houses the hidden LED light source, ensuring Thesis is not only technically innovative, but also extremely elegant and minimal.

Thesis floor lamp.

Thesis table lamp.

Ramón Esteve is fast becoming one of Spain’s most celebrated architects. Having founded his eponymous studio in 1991, today Esteve works across a range of design disciplines. With every project, both he and his team strive to achieve results that balance clarity, simplicity, consistency and harmony. From an initial, basic concept, ideas morph and evolve into designs that have soul, a timeless quality, universality and an ability to connect with their environment. Esteve’s Thesis lamp for LZF is a perfect example of this approach.

On Thesis, the shade structure houses the hidden LED light source.

With its integrated LED light source, Thesis has an exceptionally clean and uncluttered profile. From the handmade wood veneer shade to the handmade metal frame, Thesis is a self-assured yet unassuming lamp. Its invisible LEDs diffuse light downwards, while at the same time casting a warm glow that highlights the beauty of the natural timber veneer. Free from any distraction, the Thesis floor and table lamps are well suited to cosy corners and soothing spaces.

The Thesis floor and table lamps are well suited to cosy corners and soothing spaces.

The LED light source on Thesis includes a dimming switch. The floor lamp has an ivory white wood veneer shade. With the table lamp, the wood veneer shade is available in four finishes: ivory white, natural beech, natural cherry and grey. Both the floor and table lamps are available in five exquisite metal frame finishes: matt ivory, matt black, black nickel, gold and copper. 

New exquisite metal frame finishes.

From its wood veneer shade to its metal frame, Thesis radiates elegance. In maximising both technical innovation and aesthetic prowess, while employing as little design as possible, Ramón Esteve and LZF have created a truly winning contemporary lamp.

Spanish architect and designer Ramón Esteve.