A long-time collaborator with LZF, the designer Ray Power has created a number of award-winning, quintessential lamps, including Escape, Link and Swirl. Power’s latest creation is Lola, a lamp with a woven wood veneer shade that truly showcases his ability to imagine original three-dimensional forms. As a designer, Ray Power pushes a material to its limits, striving to see what is achievable and within the realms of possibility. In his approach to design, Power will make numerous prototypes of an object, experimenting with a material—in this case wood veneer—before realising the final piece.

Lola suspension lamp.

Lola’s intricate geometric pattern.

In order to create Lola’s unique shape, Ray Power worked through many iterations, drawings and prototypes—this particular lamp’s development was unquestionably a labour of love. Lola’s piquant Spanish name signals a lamp that is very much alive, filled with sensuality and intrigue. Its conical form has an intricate geometric pattern and with a complex wood veneer construction, the shade is imaginative, elegant and pleasing to the eye. When asked about the design process behind Lola, Power explained: ‘With Lola’s design it took us quite some time to get it just right. I began by experimenting with forms and compositions. The textural pattern of the Lola shade was just one part of the experimental phase, but visually it was extremely attractive. As a consequence we kept working on the lamp’s form… arriving at the result you see today.’

Experimenting with forms and compositions in order to create Lola.

The captivating beauty of wood veneer seen in Lola.

Lola is available as a suspension, floor and table lamp, its arresting form providing a uniquely different perspective across each of these three options. As a suspension lamp, Lola is offered in two sizes—medium and large—with a dimmable, integrated LED light source. It has a choice of three wood veneer finishes (ivory white, grey, natural beech) and three metal canopies (matt black, matt white, brushed nickel). 

Lola suspension lamp.

The Lola floor lamp has an E27 bulb, the same choice of three wood veneer finishes and four metal finishes (matt ivory, matt black, black nickel and gold). 

Lola floor lamp.

The Lola table lamp is available in three sizes: small, medium and ‘large lux’. All three have the same wood veneer finishes as both the suspension and floor lamps, and the small and medium table lamps have a choice of four metal finishes (matt ivory, matt black, black nickel and gold). 

Lola makes a handsome table lamp.


The Lola table lamp with a gold metal base.

The Lola ‘large lux’ table lamp has a striking black Marquina marble base. Designed by LZF co-founder Mariví Calvo, this fine Spanish marble imbues Lola with an added sense of luxury and timelessness.

Lola ‘large lux’ table lamp with a striking black Marquina marble base.

Designer Ray Power.