Question: What is the one extra special ingredient that will add spice to an intimate dinner setting, embellish an everyday evening meal and brighten a dull workday luncheon?
Answer: Light.
Mikado Lamp
Light illuminates how we live, its presence pertinent to a myriad of situations. When eating and dining, light facilitates good conversation, the blossoming of romance and a cosy, comfortable mood. Light creates ambience and provides a decorative perspective, from accenting one area (perhaps a small dining nook) to lighting an entire space (such as the length of a communal table).
Escape Lamp by Ray Power for Lzf Lamps
When eating alone or with a partner, with family or friends, the use of well-designed, crafted and aesthetically pleasing lighting will positively augment one’s dining experience. The choice of light requires some deliberation: its purpose and placement will determine the light’s form, function and luminous quality. As a prolific producer and purveyor of a fine collection of handmade handsome lights, LZF understands the need for lighting in practically every situation, not least in relation to dining.
Pod and Poppy lamps by Lzf Designed by Burkhard Dammer
LZF’s lights act to heighten the dining experience, with varied designs that each add their own particular flavour. The Cervantes light, designed by Burkhard Dämmer, sports a latticework of ruff-like wood veneer strips. The lamp’s distinctive form delivers a mellow light, perfect for quiet moments or amorous advances across a shared dessert.
Cervantes lamp by Lzf Lamps
The Escape light, designed by Ray Power, strikes a prepossessing pose. Its domino-like construction casts an optimal downlight, making Escape the ideal communal table dining companion. The Spiro pendant, designed by Remedios Simón, amasses a number of asymmetrical wood veneer spirals, creating a visual op art-like expression. An engaging light, the Spiro’s glow will add charm to any table. The Link pendant, designed by Ray Power, is easy on the eye. With a floating, cloud-like appearance, the Link shines warmly on appreciative diners. The Pod and Poppy pendants, designed by Burkhard Dämmer, can fashion impressive clusters in a quiet, unostentatious way. Rising and falling in unison, the Pod and Poppy lamps add a sense of theatre to mealtimes.
Escape Lamp by Ray Power for Lzf Lamps
LZF’s very being considers everyday experiences, people and lighting, as connected and real, filled with possibilities and dreams. Whether at home or in a restaurant, its personable and characteristic lights complete any dining occasion.
Written by Gerard McGuickin

Lamp models (in order of appearance): Link by Ray Power, Spiro by Remedios Simón, Pod and Poppy by Burkhard Dämmer, Cervantes by Burkhard Dämmer, Escape pendant by Ray Power.