Nowadays style and sustainability go hand in hand.  If we care about the origin of our furniture, ornaments and houseware, why not think about lighting too? We rely on light to develop many daily routines and activities: reading, cooking, using our laptops and tablets…

But do we give a second thought to the bulbs we have installed at our home? Discover the importance of LED lighting.

LED lighting can really make the difference.

Learning the difference between traditional incandescent light bulbs and LED bulbs will help you understand its importance. LED stands for light-emitting diodes, whose main advantage opposite traditional incandescent bulb lights is its greater lifespan and energy efficiency. LED lighting has a lifespan of nearly 40.000 hours and 90% of its energy goes to emitting light not heat, avoiding the waste of energy and the fatigue of components.


Energy efficiency means that, on the contrary to traditional light bulbs, consuming 100w for example, LEDs only consume 12w while emitting the same amount of light, this measure is called lumen output. Unfortunately for many, investment in LED lighting is a saving in the long term, as the initial outlay tends to be much higher. In-fact this is the stigma that most energy efficient products tend to carry, (solar, wind etc). the high initial cost of purchase and installation  Even if in the long run it lowers bills drastically, it’s always harder to decide on buying LED tech when the difference in price might be up to 30% greater

In LZF, we care about your lighting

At LZF’s headquarters, our technical department is constantly working on incorporating the newest LED technology into our fixtures, a task that has been worldwide recognized by the most important entities. These kind of LEDs are designed bearing in mind the remarkable importance that good lighting has in turning our personal spaces into something unique and special.


Integrated LED technology allows us to design the best light for our lamps, as it is important to highlight the natural pattern of our wood veneer panels, it’s also fundamental that each lamp casts the perfect light to brighten up any dinner, party or birthday you host and in the work place create a healthy environment where the proper amount of lumens illuminate the work surface.  


Now you know: you can have great design with great efficiency too. Modernity, simplicity and technological efficiency are all combined in our lamps, turning them into a statement and a fantastic decor choice for homes and contract options.