Kitchen functionality is evolving based on today’s lifestyle. Our memories of family gatherings around the table for quality time and comforting food now have moved from the dining room to the cozy kitchen. With the right lighting you should be able to turn your kitchen from functional to cozy.

In times of economic hardship and financial instability, and in perhaps seeking to weather the storm, more and more of us will make an emotional investment in our homes. As our lifestyles evolve and change—by choice and by necessity—so to do our priorities and the manner in which we engage with the world around us. We might, for instance, eat out less often, choosing to dine and entertain at home instead. After all, to gather around a table or on the floor, sitting with friends and loved ones, sharing food and conversation, is a time-honoured and global human tradition. 
Increasingly, and importantly, the kitchen is a favoured space and the hub of family life. Kitchen activities range from cooking to eating and from socialising (with family and friends) to working (doing homework, studying and freelancing).
At one time, a separate dining room was much sought-after and in vogue. But with its function typically curtailed to special occasions and celebrations, the underused dining room would gradually fade from everyday life. This is especially true at a time when space, particularly within cities, is at a premium and house/apartment sizes are noticeably shrinking. As a consequence, the dining room is not a priority for many people; rather, they will likely opt for an open-plan living space (with kitchen and dining combined), or a sizeable kitchen (with scope for dining and entertaining).
Today, there are a multitude of options for building the ideal kitchen/dinette. While connectivity, smart technologies and faddish appliances are a reality in an ever digital world—and a growing aspect of cozy kitchen design—there are important elements that one should not overlook when creating a welcoming space in which to cook and dine. For example, a handsome table and chairs, a smart bar area and stools, tactile tableware and of course good lighting—all are essential requirements. 
As a way in which to create a particular ambience, such as a warm, homey feel, lighting is the perfect medium. LZF’s wooden lamps, handcrafted with a range of natural, colourful timber veneers, are ideal when seeking to effect a certain mood. For those seated around a table, in a cozy kitchen, sharing food and a preferred triple, light is an enabler—of lively conversations, romantic gestures, cosy moments and carefree occasions.
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