Alameda is Spanish for poplar grove, but it is often used to describe any shaded tree-lined boulevard, however, in this case it is also the name of José Ángel Castro and Evangelía Chalatsakos new restaurant in the Salamanca district of Madrid.

The Salamanca district represents the most cosmopolitan Madrid, it is one of the most pleasant and luxurious areas of the city. The two-storey restaurant has been designed with a nod to the nineteenth-century housing of this district, with hardwood flooring and classic cut moldings, yet, at the same time entering the restaurant gives you the sensation of leaving the city and entering an oasis of exquisiteness that perfectly combines nature and urbanism.
The interior design is the work of Materia Singular studio, who try to catch the sensations of depth and reflections of a poplar grove, using wood, ceramic and glass as the main materials. 
Flanked by poplar tree trunks and taking centre stage over the stairwell is our majestic Candelabro lamp; designed by LZF founder Marivi Calvo the Candelabro is a collage of LZF’s greatest hits as it were, and populated with buzzing golden ceramic humming birds finding their place amongst the lamp shades. The first floor of the restaurant features more of our designs, together with more golden birds that are scattered around the dining area.
The menu, designed by Castro and the chef Fernando Mario Coradazzi, trained by Sergi Arola, is the perfect pairing of Spanish and international cuisine. The menu also pays homage to Granada, the owners’ birthplace, with a special selection of avocado based dishes; reflecting the mediterranean coast of Granada where Spanish avocados are grown.
Both the gastronomic selection and the interior design make this restaurant a must-see place on your next visit to Madrid.