Nestled in the serene Bavarian Prealps, Hotel BERGEBLICK exemplifies the seamless marriage of modern luxury and environmental sustainability. The hotel’s architecture makes extensive use of natural materials such as wood, paying homage to the region’s traditional style while promoting eco-friendly practices. This approach is beautifully complemented by the use of LZF Lamps, whose organic designs and natural wood veneers enhance the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and aesthetic harmony.


©HotelBergeblick photography by Jonathan Sage and Sonja Sindlhauser.

The hotel’s architectural vision aims to emphasise unobtrusive design, intentionally blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a seamless connection with the surrounding landscape. “We wanted a hotel for the future, not bound by a specific era, blending seamlessly with the natural backdrop,” the hotel’s spokesperson explained. 
The interior’s ambiance is significantly enhanced by LZF Lamps, whose organic designs and use of natural wood veneer align perfectly with the hotel’s aesthetic and sustainability goals. These fixtures are sourced from well-managed FSC® certified forests, embodying an environmentally considerate approach with energy-efficient technologies.“Their natural materials perfectly align with our vision, offering unobtrusive designs that enrich our spaces without overpowering them,” noted the hotel’s interior designer Katharina Kamm.

©HotelBergeblick photography by Jonathan Sage and Sonja Sindlhauser.

Hotel BERGEBLICK extends its sustainable practices to its culinary offerings, focusing heavily on locally sourced ingredients and regional dishes. The menu features regional breakfasts with fresh, daily products and plans to introduce home-made breads, enhancing the dining experience while adhering to their commitment to local sourcing. Guest experiences also reflect this sustainable philosophy, with activities and amenities designed to enhance wellness through nature-infused activities such such as enjoying the natural beauty from green-roofed structures and a Bavarian Gumpe-inspired plunge pool.

Overall, Hotel BERGEBLICK exemplifies how luxury hospitality can effectively integrate with conscientious environmental practices, providing a holistic and immersive experience that resonates deeply with guests.

©HotelBergeblick photography by Jonathan Sage and Sonja Sindlhauser.

Interview with the Hotel owners 

The Bavarian region is renowned for its distinctive architecture. What specific elements of the region’s traditional architecture did you incorporate into the hotel’s design to maintain a local flavour while embracing newer design principles? 

We wanted to build a hotel for the future, and we always realised that we wouldn’t be building a typical Bavarian house, nor would we have geranium balconies. We definitely didn’t want to be categorised in a certain era. It was built in this style in 2023. A Hotel for the future, as unobtrusive as possible, hence the pergola around our building to create a fusion with the city forest behind it.

Lighting can transform a space not just by illuminating it, but by complementing its design aesthetic. How does LZF Lamps’ design aesthetic align with the vision and ambiance you envisioned for the hotel’s interiors?

As natural materials are absolutely in the foreground for us, it was obvious to generate the decorative lighting in the same look and feel. Katharina Kamm, who helped create our interior design, came up with the idea of LZF. We were immediately convinced by them as they perfectly matched what we wanted. Unobtrusive design that convinces without imposing itself

©HotelBergeblick photography by Jonathan Sage and Sonja Sindlhauser.


Lighting plays a crucial role in defining the ambiance of any space. What are some of the positive aspects of having LZF lighting in the public spaces and the rooms of the hotel?

In the rooms, the Raindrop is used as an absolute stylistic device, it breaks up our clear lines with its curved shape, and this also applies to the other rooms where it hangs: Beauty, changing rooms, massage table. The installation in our open foyer simply delights every single guest with its absolute aesthetics. It is the centre of the BERGEBLICK. The floor lamps can be found on all floors to draw a common thread through the hotel. These also impress with their natural clarity and aesthetics.

©HotelBergeblick photography by Jonathan Sage and Sonja Sindlhauser.


With sustainability being a pivotal factor in the hospitality industry today, what advice would you offer other hoteliers looking to implement similar sustainability practices in their operations?

Stay true to your line and build for the future, not the present. We heat with regional wood chips, these are options that are open to us. It is also sustainable not to go on holiday over the Brenner Pass to South Tyrol, but to go on holiday in our own country.

Sustainability is a significant draw for many travellers today. How do guests respond to the hotel’s environmentally conscious design and use of natural materials?

It is seen, smelt and felt. The appreciation for this is very high and also very far-reaching.

©HotelBergeblick photography by Jonathan Sage and Sonja Sindlhauser.


Experiential travel is becoming increasingly popular, especially when it aligns with personal values like environmental responsibility. Are there any unique guest experiences or activities at Hotel Bergeblick that specifically highlight your commitment to sustainability?

For us, naturalness comes first. This is our combination of nature and wellness. Use the beauty of nature to experience this as wellness. This starts with all the green views from our hotel, all the green roofs, our natural flowering meadow and the Bavarian Gumpe as a plunge pool, inspired by the Gumpe on the Sylvenstein. The forest sauna with its view of the forest, the breakfast terrace by the forest with its birdsong, etc.

To create an exceptional dining experience that aligns with the hotel’s sustainability ethos, do you collaborate with specialised chefs to curate a menu that showcases local flavors?

Our current focus is on regional breakfasts. Fresh spreads are produced daily with the latest products. We offer regional smoked fish, fresh every day, instead of imported salmon for breakfast. Here, too, we attach the utmost importance to regionality. From June, we will be working with another chef/pastry chef to create our own BERGEBLICK breads in order to consciously set the tone here too. In the future, there will also be a dinner at the hotel, deliberately not half board. Here, too, we will go our own way. A family atmosphere for our guests from the moment they enter the hotel until they leave. Our values are very important to us and we consistently adhere to them: familiar, personal, loving, warm.

Travellers and guests are increasingly looking for immersive and responsible culinary experiences. What has been their feedback regarding the emphasis on locally sourced food, and how does it enhance their dining experience at Hotel Bergeblick?

The feedback on our regional food has been consistently positive. We also co-operate with local restaurants to attract many guests to our new hotel, which also helps to maintain the gastronomy in Bad Tölz and the surrounding area. This is also important to us. Our breakfast is not huge, but it is absolutely high quality and every single one of our guests appreciates that.
Photography: Jonathan Sage and Sonja Sindlhauser.
Architect: Beham Architekten.