At this present time, our planet—Earth—is the only one we can live on. Yet as inhabitants of this blue planet, our way of living (especially since the Industrial Revolution) has had an adverse impact on Earth’s natural resources, environment and wildlife. Human beings have recklessly destroyed countless species of animal and plant life, rendering them extinct.

Here at LZF, we believe that ecology is important to achieving a balanced coexistence between every species living on Earth. Therefore, we mindfully design and manufacture our lamps, doing what we can to help the environment.

Many companies strive to improve their processes in order to reduce, as much as possible, any negative consequences of their activities on the environment. At LZF, we work continuously to find more favourable environmentally-friendly solutions, slowly but surely adjusting and improving our manufacturing processes when and where we can. This pursuit is a gradual one, but we are achieving every small target we’ve set along the way.
Our lamps are made using natural wood veneers, an environmental commitment in itself. Wood is aesthetically pleasing, tactile and enduring, but above all it is renewable. Treating wood and the environment with the utmost respect, every LZF lamp is created using FSC certified natural wood veneer, a material that is truly eco-friendly. FSC Certification ensures timber comes from forests that are responsibly managed and sustainable, so maintaining a forest’s biodiversity. Moreover, FSC forest certification is socially beneficial to local communities and it’s economically viable—financial profit is not made at the expense of a forest’s resources.
As well as the actual lamp product, at LZF we think about the composition and origin of our packing materials. Our cardboard boxes are made in part from recycled cardboard; the bags used to cover every lamp are made from potato starch, a natural and biodegradable material that protects the lamp from any possible scratches.
We’d like to contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint and its impact on the planet. As such, at LZF we are working to improve the assembly and fabrication of our lamps, while maintaining our identity and distinctive way of designing.