Yes, it’s that time of year again. The season of goodwill, when everyone (it seems) is panicking and clambering to get the biggest, cheapest deal in the name of Christmas. I don’t know about you but this culture of buying fast just makes me want to push back.

And the tides are turning. We’re starting to ask questions as to the provenance of what we buy, who made it and the impact making it has had on the environment. Becoming more aware of where we’re spending our hard earned cash, we want to support the little guy over the huge brands. So, with all that moral weight on my shoulders (ha!) I’ve pulled together a gift guide for her, celebrating independent shops, designers and down right well made pieces to love…

  1. Good art never goes out of style. I love the textures and movement in this piece of abstract, minimalist art, by artist Leah Caylor on Etsy. 
  1. Designed in Sweden, made in Japan. I give you the Gråsten coffee cup, designed by Studio Oyama and sold by one of my favourite independent shops up in Suffolk, where I grew up. 
  1. My favourite of the LZF collection, this neat little Mini Chou lamp with white veneer shade is an award winning design from Yonoh Creative Studio. 
  1. Both useful and sculptural, the oak Wooden Sphere from Kristina Dam Design Studio can store little treasures or be used as two small bowls. 
  1. Everyone needs a really good hand cream in their bag, just in case. Vanilla and Orange Peel handcream, Grown Alchemist. 
  1. An elegant vase designed by Theresa Arns for New Nordic design house, Menu. Named ‘Echasse’ for its stilt like brass legs, this is a piece that makes an impression, wherever or however you use it.‘Echasse’ vase, Really Well Made
  1. Made just across the river from me, Weald Handmade bags are the perfect every day bag. Handcrafted from her seaside base in Leigh-On-Sea, my lovely friend Sarah puts her heart and soul into every stitch. Keeping sustainability at the heart of all her designs, nothing is wasted here. Off-cuts and used by other designers, the leather is vegetable tanned (so no harmful chemicals are used) and she offers life-time repairs should your bag ever need it. I have the Audrey as my everyday bag, but I chose the Katie which is a limited edition, 50% of its profits go to Gold Goose child cancer charity. 
  1. Ok, so this is a slight indulgence on my part. A modern take on the delightfully retro Teasmade, you can now wake up to the aroma of drip coffee with the soothing tones of the radio by your bedside. And yes, it even adds the milk. Barisieur coffee brewing alarm clock in white.    
  1. Be prepared for 2019 with a minimalist ‘powder’ and silver foil planner, designed by Dutch designer Marjolein Delhaas. 
  1. If you can fall in love with a pair of oatmeal socks – I found these Italian made Merino, cotton and polyamide beauties by A Woven Plane on a recent jaunt through Hackney. 
  1. Still on my wish list, the minimalist watch doesn’t get any better looking than a TID design, especially if glitzy jewellery ain’t your thing. 
  1. Gin is most definitely the thing right now. This particular bottle is one close to my heart…and my lips. Copper Rivet Dockyard Gin is made just 5 minutes down the road from me on Chatham’s dockyard. This distillery continues the tradition, making navy gin from a Victorian pumphouse. Not only is it one of the best gins I’ve tasted, the distillery is also in a beautiful location, offering tours and tastings. 
  1. A practical gadget for someone with a considerable jumper collection, Steamery’s Pilo fabric shaver will keep those bobbles at bay. 
  1. One of my absolute favourite lifestyle shops, TOAST know how to do simple, well made, living. This hand quilted velvet and cotton throw is, to me, the height of at home snuggling luxury. They have a pretty solid ethical policy too. Win-win. 
  1. The food styling in this book is enough of a reason to own it, written by Sunday Suppers founder Karen Mordechai, ‘Simple Fare Fall/Winter’ is a food lover’s bible to flexible winter cooking and entertaining.