Valencia-based architectural studio Versea created a restful retreat for an individual who spends much of his time away from home—a person described as ‘a lover of freedom’. Named ‘ViverosPenthouse’, the cleverly designed abode maximises the use of space, keeping any boundaries to a minimum. Muted, warm natural tones and clean lines flow across the residence, while the smallest amount of decorative ornaments work to ensure the apartment is free from clutter. 
As someone who travels a lot, the client was desirous of a place where he could nest—somewhere to close the door, set down his bags and unwind. With this in mind, Versea included the strong presence of white and wood throughout, balanced by a palette of soft brown and grey hues. Added to this, a bright, sunny balcony and expansive windows ensure the apartment is bathed in natural light. With the client’s penchant for travel, the architect created an almost hotel-like base, where both open and connecting rooms give rise to the notion of a smart, private suite.
With the architect’s preference for using wood, particularly given its natural quality and calming effect—perfect for a client seeking sanctuary—the decision to include wood veneer lamps from LZF was entirely apt. In the apartment’s open living space, a Swirl suspension light, designed by Irish designer Ray Power for LZF, hangs as a striking focal point above the dining table. With its eddying and whirling folds, the Swirl lamp’s organic shape adds a playful dynamic to the room. In the apartment’s serene bedroom, two Nut suspension lamps (one beech and one white) hang rather nonchalantly in a quiet corner. Designed by Ray Power, the Nut is a radiant knot of light. 
Within the setting of Viveros Penthouse, LZF’s Swirl and Nut lamps add to the apartment’s polished urbanity.