For yet another year, Casa Decor, opens its doors in Chamberí neighbourhood, in Madrid. Casa Decor is a unique design exhibition that takes place in a different place of Madrid every year. Usually held in uninhabited historical buildings, the properties are loaned prior to embarking upon refurbishment works and suffer a complete make-over by the most outstanding interior designers of the moment.

On this occasion, the exhibition will take place in a magnificent apartment building with a total of 3100m2 divided in five floors and two interior courtyards.

This unique concept in which different types of spaces are decorated by different interior designers makes for an interesting communication platform that brings together designers, commercial brands and general public.

Lzf lamps will be present in one of the spaces of the early twentieth century palace that will host this edition.

Heaven’s Door Hotel front desk.

Interior designer Mónica Garrido.


As a partner of Casa Decor, Lzf worked with interior designer Mónica Garrido to re-create a hotel lobby. Heaven’s Door Hotel is the name of the project, a hotel lobby that pairs organic architectural shapes with neutral color wall coverings where our lamps —Spiro, Cervantes and I-Club— stand out elegantly.

Our I-Club Slim suspension lamp reigns over the reception desk, and the smaller I-Club table lamp is the perfect couple for this round-edged linen covered desk.

The corridor, with its walls covered in the same neutral color linen drapes feature our Cervantes suspension lamp, a lighting fixture that demonstrates the remarkable pliability of wood veneer, one of Lzf’s hallmark.


The corridor features Cervantes suspension lamps and I-Club wall sconces.

Our Spiro lamps in three different shades of dye.

A third area of the Heaven’s Door Hotel serves as sitting area, where our Spiro lamps, with its utterly irresistible charm, offers its warm light to pretend travellers in this pretend hotel lobby.

During 40 days visitors can get inspired, learn and enjoy with the creativity shown in the cutting-edge interior designs.