The dramatic effect of light passing through the wood veneer is the essence and hallmark of LZF. This important feature would not be possible without the application of our patented process in treating the raw natural veneer: the Timberlite ™ system.

Timberlite ™ is the name of the patented technique to reduce the stiffness of wood and turn it into a thin, translucent sheet that offers numerous creative possibilities, all without using any chemical process.



This system, the result of LZF’s research & development work, allows us to work with an extremely flexible, yet very resistant veneer, which can take on many shapes without breaking. In addition, thanks to the treatment, the wood used to fabricate our lamps maintains is natural qualities, adopting different nuances and hues over time.


Timberlite ™ is the secret behind the special play of wood and light, the unique tones and nuances which characterise our lamps and the spaces they inhabit.