First models of Lzf Lamps from 1994
LZF Lamps is a story of people, wood and light. The result of a peculiar encounter between two strangers. It is true that strangers have the ability to alter our lives and it is on that same day that they cease to be strangers.
Sandro Tothill & Mariví Calvo, the soul of Lzf Lamps
It was in 1993 when these two strangers met. She was a painter, arriving back in Spain having left New York: her name was Mariví Calvo. He was an Australian musician discovering Spain: his name was Sandro Tothill.
Moodboard of Lzf Lamps collection
Both shared a passion for the arts, for ideas, and experimenting. They coincided in their way of living and their very distinct view of the world. With an absolute belief that everything you feel can be materialized, they began to experiment. Till one night, playing with some wood veneers, they managed to envelop night. LZF Lamps was born.
Lzf Lamps´booth at Euroluce 2011. 4.000 pieces of backlit veneer surrounded the audience, creating a surreal atmosphere...people ended up standing in front of the only piece which was hung inside, the Armadillo"
Wood is a natural part of LZF Lamps. It is all FSC certified, ensuring its origin from controlled forests and guaranteeing its sustainability and environmental commitment. LZF Lamps´wood veneers are treated with Timberlite®, a technique patented by LZF Lamps, that allows this fragile material to become flexible and resistant without the need of any chemical processes.
All Lzf Lamps are handmade
Today, LZF is an international brand recognised for its details and its clear and differentiated image. LZF Lamps designs experiences through the use of light, where people and spaces mix, creating their own unique atmosphere.
Stitches Mopti lamp by Burojet for Lzf Lamps
LZF Lamps spreads its passion for lighting with an international team, in which more than a dozen multifaceted designers from around the world have already designed a lamp for LZF.
Telling Tales (a collection of illuminated stories), is the name of LZF’s communication campaign for 2016 created by Mariví Calvo. The campaign was winner of a Red Dot Award in 2016 and a Good Design Award in 2017.

 Video of “High Fidelity”, the amazing Campaign from 2013 by Lzf Lamps
Lzf Lamps was the winner of the Premio Nacional de Artesanía 2011, one of the most important National Spanish Design Awards
Their lamps illuminate thousands of spaces and accompany millions of people. Each of these lamps is made by hand, with the same passion of enveloping light that Mariví and Sandro began with on that afternoon so many years ago.
Banga lamps at Le Meridien Hotel (Tarragona, Spain)
Lzf Lamps´ Totem lamp at Children´s Hospital in Portland (Oregon)
Pod and Poppy Lamps at Soya Cosplay Restaurant Berlin