Isidro Ferrer has created more than two hundred posters since 1988,that have been multiplied by the thousands on walls in Madrid, Paris, Teheran, Shanghai, Mexico, Milan, Porto or Sao Paulo. 
Posters that announce plays, music and cinema festivals, artistic exhibitions or original designs; and also posters that denounce many contemporary atrocities, such as war, gender violence or hunger. 
Posters created with a poetic language that bestow new significance to everyday objects, popular images, and ancient and modern typographies.
In an exhibition without precedent and curated by Isidro Ferrer himself and the writer Grassa Torothe poster collection, together with the original pieces that appear in them, can be seen in the Paraninfo Gallery of the University of Zaragoza (Spain) until January 12th, 2019.
Isidro Ferrer is the designer of the LZF logo, the Funny Farm figurine collection, which has its own poster at the exhibition, and the Fish and Elephant lamps on display there.