Wood is a noble, natural, versatile, long-lasting and aesthetic material. An organic, physical matter, it is perceived as warm and welcoming. Endowed with such qualities, using natural wood veneers was the perfect materialof choice for use in a wide range of architecture and design projects. 

LZF Lamps workshop

Natural wood veneers: our identity

Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill, the co-founders of LZF, recognised the translucent capabilities of natural wood veneers in lighting design. From the outset, the company has been crafting and building an inspired collection of natural wood veneer lights, aided by the application of Timberlite. As a thin slice of wood, veneer is extremely fragile—it can be cracked and split with little effort.

To remedy this problem, LZF treats every natural timber veneer with Timberlite. A patented LZF veneer finish, Timberlite transforms a delicate material into one that is exceptionally flexible and easy to manipulate. LZF’s highly skilled artisans then drill, punch, cut, bend and fold veneers by hand.

Uniquely designed screws and fasteners allow these veneers to be fixed into a myriad of fascinating shapes: LZF’s Cervantes, Agatha, Link and Minikado lamps are just a few examples. Importantly, Timberlite® does its job without the need for any chemical processes.

Wood veneers by LZF Lamps

Act local, think global

A small Valencia-based company with a global audience, LZF understands it has a responsibility to create lighting designs that contribute to the conservation of the environment. Considering wood and the environment with the utmost respect, every LZF veneer is FSC certified (ensuring timber comes from forests that are responsibly managed and sustainable, as well as socially beneficial to local communities). With its green credentials, Timberlite ensures that on or off, LZF’s natural and coloured veneer lights will enjoy an impressive aspect. 
Flexible wood veneer by LZF Lamps
Now approaching its 25th anniversary (in 2019), LZF has mastered the art of great craftsmanship while at the same time ensuring every product is long-lasting and innovative.
A company that champions wood, LZF makes and manufacturers a truly remarkable range of lamps with fastidious care. Ask Mariví or Sandro about wood and they will talk with a passion that is both learned and illuminating. Wood is tactile and hard-wearing, and provides a multitude of possibilities.
For LZF, natural wood veneers have provided a means for the company to make lamps that are expressive, each one telling a story in a manner that is real, tangible and beautiful. Moreover, LZF knows that its handmade lamps will last for many generations, enjoyed by people the world over—something made possible by natural wood veneer.