Based in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, Coletivo 284 is a new venue space that describes itself as an ‘energy sharing hub’ and ‘a knowledge generator’. Welcoming a broad range of business and creative types, Coletivo 284 aims to stimulate conversation, movement and change across design, architecture, fashion, art, communication and marketing.

With cities and regions across the world placing greater emphasis on the creative economy, Coletivo 284 is seeking to promote collaboration between creative and commercial ventures. In order to realise this ambition, Portuguese designer and agent Paulo André and Brazilian interior designer Adriana Scartaris conceived the idea of Coletivo 284. Instead of opening a co-working space or standard exhibition venue, André and Scartaris wanted a dynamic space where creative thinkers and business minds would meet and converse—they were especially concerned with breaking down barriers and stimulating collaboration. In Coletivo 284, they threw in everything and the kitchen sink: a space for exhibitions, events and product launches, the venue also includes a hi-tech kitchen.

Paulo André and Adriana Scartaris. Photo via PÚBLICO.

A modern, industrial space, Coletivo 284 mixes a range of furniture pieces, art and lighting. Several of LZF’s wood veneer lamps are used to create a wonderfully atmospheric ambience throughout, helping to spark conversation and collaboration. Most striking, the ethereal and majestic life-size Koi acts as an enthralling centrepiece in Coletivo 284’s kitchen. In a quieter meeting space, the elegant Cuad suspension lamp has an equanimous affect, while elsewhere in the venue, the Link floor lamp is easy on the eye.

The life-size Koi. Photo © Coletivo 284.

At Coletivo 284, there is an openness to discourse between people from different backgrounds. It’s a place where a chef can venture opinions on an art exhibition, and where a photographer can discuss the merits of furniture and lighting design. With Coletivo 284, ideas are generated, new partnerships are forged and concepts are made real: artistic vision and commercial know-how work in close association.

The Cuad pendant. Photo © Coletivo 284.

As a collective, ’284’ is made up of two countries (Brazil and Portugal), four companies (Portuguese design brand agent Traços Interiores, interior designer Adriana Scartaris, photographer Sérgio Rosário, and digital marketing agency Pine), and eight creatives (from a range of disciplines, they are selected on a rotational basis). Reflecting on Coletivo 284 and its purpose, Adriana Scartaris believes: ‘The economy of the future cannot happen if it is not creative, collaborative, participatory and shared. Our idea [with Coletivo 284] is to focus on the future, based on this creative economy.’

The Link floor lamp and Koi. Photo © Coletivo 284.