Every year, Milan’s Fuori Salone once again becomes the global epicenter of design, attracting the most passionate creators, innovators, and design enthusiasts from around the world. In this vibrant atmosphere, LZF Lamps returned to Milan’s Fuori Salone with an exhibition that not only impressed but also surprised and dazzled all who attended. 

From their iconic wooden lamps to their most cutting-edge designs, LZF Lamps offered a unique experience that merged functionality with artistic beauty. In this blog, we delve into the heart of LZF Lamps’ presence at the exhibits “Menu 1″ and “Earthcrafted.” Prepare to discover their latest creations, exciting collaborations, and the impact they are forging in the design world.

Join us as we immerse ourselves in a universe filled with light, creativity, and elegance – a testament to LZF Lamps’ visionary ethos at Milan’s Fuori Salone.

Menu 1

Curated by the renowned London-based designer Bodo Sperlein, known for his exceptional creativity and innovative spirit, the ‘Menu 1’ exhibition stood out as a transformative highlight of Milan Design Week 2024 and Fuorisalone. Located in the prestigious Brera Design District, this exhibit unfolded within the historic walls of the Sant’Angelo Monastery — an architectural gem designed in the 1930s by the iconic Milanese architect Giovani Muzio. Last week marked the venue’s debut in Milan Design Week, offering an atmospheric setting with its garden terraces and cloisters, creating a serene yet dynamic backdrop for the showcase.

This is a front view of the Voliere lamp designed by Bodo Sperlein hanging in an ancient cloister surrounded by vegetation that has grown up and enveloped the architecture of this building.

‘Voliere’ suspension lamp designed by Bodo Sperlein.

Emphasizing materiality and sustainability, ‘Menu 1’ perfectly aligned with this year’s ‘Materia Natura’ theme of Fuorisalone. The exhibition presented LZF Lamps’ highly anticipated Wave collection by Bodo Sperlein, crafted from solid wood to highlight the intrinsic beauty and durability of natural materials. This collection, along with others showcased, invited attendees on a sensory voyage through designs that narrate tales of innovation, sustainability, and the seamless fusion of nature and craftsmanship.

This picture shows the Voliere lamp hanging in front of a mural designed by Bodo Sperlein and above rugs also by the designer for the company Gan Rugs.

‘Voliere’ suspension lamp designed by Bodo Sperlein.

LZF Lamps elevated this exploration with their participation, featuring the flexible version of Candela Cort’s Cloud and introducing the Voliere by Bodo Sperlein. These pieces exemplified LZF’s commitment to innovative design, marrying functionality with artistic elegance in an unforgettable setting.

The image shows a suspension lamp called "Cloud" designed by Candela Cort is a lamp composed of a flexible light tube subtly wrapped by a coloured fabric that lets the light pass through and creates different colour effects and reflections, it provides a very pleasant light and a visual lightness can be appreciated, next to it you can see a close-up detail of the lamp.

‘Cloud’ suspension lamp designed by Candela Cort.

While the showroom was open to visitors from 10am to 6pm every day, two parties, on the 16th and 18th of April, were orchestrated by Bodo Sperlein and his team, celebrating the intersection of design and innovation at the Fuori Salone. Each event attracted hundreds of design aficionados who enjoyed a selection of fine wines, champagne, and Italian finger foods amidst the serene yet dynamic backdrop of the Brera Design District.

The main character of the image is the floor lamp "Smelly Fant" designed by Isidro Ferrer and Mariví Calvo. It is a luminous sculpture of 1,63 high with the shape of an elephant.

‘Smelly Fant’ lamp designed by Isidro Ferrer and Mariví Calvo

Notably, the exhibition also featured prominent international brands such as Weishäupl, known for their sophisticated German outdoor furniture; Edelgrund, showcasing unique Persian-inspired handcrafted carpets; and Lobmeyr, presenting their breathtaking Archive Lights collection in collaboration with BCXSY design collective. Additionally, brands like Wogg and Orea highlighted their precision in functional and sleek design solutions, while Creative Matters, in collaboration with LOMA Studio, showcased their Redeoux Passager Rug installation, emphasizing artistry and ethical responsibility.

‘Toro’ especial project designed by Bodo Sperlein.

Coordonné’s ‘Artisan’ collection with Bodo Sperlein perfectly complemented the event, marrying unique wall coverings with innovative design. Salon Magazine and Cover Magazine proudly sponsored the events, each lending their support to one of the evenings, aligning perfectly with the spirited atmosphere of Milan Design Week 2024.


Under the banner of Earthcrafted Designs, Porcelanosa highlighted its profound commitment to natural materials fused with the finesse of Spanish design. This approach embodied the essence of natural design by highlighting the origin of primary materials, thus promoting environmentally conscious consumption.

The photo frames a display case in the Porcelanosa shop where the "Cloud" lamp by LZF Lamps can be seen together with other designs by collaborators of the exhibition.

‘Cloud’ suspension lamp designed by Candela Cort.

In a striking collaboration with the Society of Contemporary Crafts of Spain (SACo), Porcelanosa transformed its showroom in Milan’s Brera design district into a vibrant art gallery last week. This exhibition celebrated craftsmanship and its contribution to natural design, paying homage to the work of its artisans.
The photo frames a display case in the Porcelanosa shop where you can see the "Blacknote Triplet" floor lamp designed by Ramón Esteve together with other designs by collaborators in the exhibition.

‘Black Note Triplet’ floor lamp designed by Ramón Esteve Studio.

At the Piazza Castello store, the creativity and ingenuity of twenty-four renowned contemporary artisans were on full display, their works set against a backdrop of Porcelanosa Group’s most innovative materials. The pieces, crafted from an array of natural fibers, fabrics, glass, porcelain, and metal, celebrated the diversity and richness of our natural resources.


Highlighting this collaborative spirit of Milan Design Week, LZF Lamps adorned two of the shop windows with their lights. They presented their new Cloud lamp — a collaborative creation with Candela Cort — and the Blacknote triplet foot lamp designed by Ramón Esteve.

‘Cloud’ suspension lamp designed by Candela Cort.

Fuorisalone also included a Masterclass at Porcelanosa’s premises last week, led by LZF Lamps founders Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill, focused on the application of craftsmanship in lighting design. This educational session was followed by a lively afterwork gathering, where design and interior design professionals enjoyed the opportunity to network in a distinctly Spanish setting, thanks to the contributions from La Casa Iberica and San Miguel.

Poster announcing the masterclass in collaboration with the founders of LZF Lamps, Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill.