Upon entering, a lush green curtain instantly embraces the entire area, captivating you with its serene ambiance. The delicate and skillfully positioned lights demand notice, emanating a soft warmth that relaxes the mind and encourages introspection. The music and scenery blend seamlessly, leading you on a peaceful voyage that showcases LZF’s unwavering commitment to creating innovative lighting solutions that prioritize user comfort and well being.

The concept proposed by Mayice, “imagining forests”, was materialised by spaces within spaces, with organic, free forms and natural materials from versatile recycled and reused modules. Marivi Calvo then got her old team together and brought in Vasilis Pappas, long time collaborator and cinematographic lighting specialist, who created an atmosphere similar to the sun shining through the forest canopy.

The brand has presented new designs imagined by collaborators such as Bodo Sperlein, Candela Cort, Summunstudio or Lucas Muñoz, together with the contributions of Ray Power, Eli Gutierrez, Ramón Esteve or Mayice, designers with whom the firm has been working closely for years. As a result, all the new products are exceptional designs. They maintain the common thread of exquisite work with wood veneer, know-how in contemporary craftsmanship and, of course, the creation of a quality, unique and original luminaire.

LZF’s participation in Euroluce 2023 was a success with almost 6000 visitors through the booth. Constant visitors have applauded all the new products and praised the brand’s staging.  The brand has presented a space where art has been combined with technology, creativity with functionality, and beauty with sustainability, creating proposals that are perceived as key pieces of any room due to their design and ability to transform the environment. 

We cordially invite you to join us on a virtual tour of our stand through this video. You have the freedom to leisurely navigate and delve into the exhibit as per your preferences:

Booth tour by Sandro Tothill
Creative Director: Mariví Calvo
Photography & Video: @manutoro.work
Booth Design: Mayice
Team Leader & Booth Illumination: Vasilis Pappas


Illuminata Exhibiton

In addition, the LZF collections resulting from the collaboration with Bodo Sperlein have also been featured in the exhibition that the designer-curated at the Chiesa Cristiana Protestante during Milan Design Week.