In collaboration with Spanish architect and designer Ramón Esteve, LZF will show a number of its lamps at Casa Decor. Esteve has designed the LZF Casa Decor space and a new lighting collection, both called ‘Black Note‘.

Making an entrance

KOGOI is the smaller offspring of the life-size KOI. Also on display are LZF’s Swirl lamps.

Upon entering Casa Decor, guests will be welcomed by LZF’s new sculptural and emblematic KOGOI, the small, wonderfully decorative offspring of the life-size KOI. Open to design aficionados, professional and public, for more than six weeks Casa Decor will provide an exciting hub for the presentation of innovative Spanish design. A highly participatory event, the house setting is used as a way to showcase products in a lively, sensory manner. 

LZF’s new KOGOI. Image by LZF.

About Casa Decor

The 54th edition of Casa Decor, a singular exhibition of interior design and lifestyle trends, will take place in Madrid from 24th January to 10th March 2019. Established in 1992, this artistic event has hosted more than 2,200 interior design projects across a range of disciplines. A wonderfully creative Spanish affair, Casa Decor is especially renowned for its use of a distinct, architecturally significant building with every edition. After seven years exploring different areas of Madrid, the event is returning to the barrio in which it was born (and has been on twelve previous occasions): Salamanca.

Núñez de Balboa 86 is the home of Casa Decor’s 54th edition. 

An example of early 20th century rational-style architecture.

Salamanca is the Spanish capital’s most exclusive quarter, its grand 19th century boulevards home to stately mansions, upscale boutiques, fine restaurants and niche museums. On the corner of Calle de Núñez de Balboa and Calle de Juan Bravo—one of Madrid’s most pleasing boulevards—you will find Núñez de Balboa 86, the temporary home of Casa Decor’s 54th edition. On loan from real estate developer ‘The Corner Group’ (following Casa Decor, the building will be repurposed as luxury apartments), Núñez de Balboa 86 is a beautiful  example of early 20th century rational-style architecture (for instance, its brick panels offer a simple, yet effective, form of decoration). The building’s bright and roomy interior has a somewhat faded grandeur and houses a range of around fifty spaces, all of which will be used during Casa Decor.

The interior of Núñez de Balboa 86.

The interior of Núñez de Balboa 86.

At LZF, we look forward to an artistic collaboration with Ramón Esteve at Casa Decor.
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