To mark the German Design Councils decision to award a Special Mention for Excellent Product Design 2016 to our Piknik portable table lamp, we felt it time to bring you a little closer to its designers, formally known as Macalula.

SO without further ado, may we present 5 Questions with Designers Belén Moratalla, Inelén Ortín and Cristina Planells.

Tristan: What do you enjoy most about your profession?
Belén Moratalla, Inelén Ortín & Cristina Planells: The life of a designer isn’t very boring. You can work about different kinds of projects of a lot of disciplines and areas. In addition, the creative process includes different phases that conclude with the final result. The routine doesn’t exist, and the creativity has no limits.

T: Where do you draw inspiration?
B, I&C: Inspiration comes at anytime and anywhere. It could be a landscape, a book or song… you might meet it when you least expect it.

T: In your opinion, what should good design do?
B, I&C: The main objective of any design should be to resolve a problem or a necessity with attention to beauty, sympathy and charm. There is so much of everything in the market today so you need to mark the difference. The capacity to surprise, harmonize and create good balance between functionality and aesthetics is crucial.

T: How was your work with LZF compared to other collaborations you have been involved in?
B, I&C: LZF is a company that puts passion in each project they start. If they realize that there is something special in the idea of your lamp, they will have no doubt about the successful capacity of the piece. As a designer, you can be carried along by this feeling and work harder to get to the manufacturing stage of the final product.

T: Whose design are you most envious of and why?
B, I&C: Any of the designs of the husband-and-wife team, Charles &Ray Eames, or the French brothers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.
We love the timelessness and fineness of their designs, this is why these two couples are our main benchmarks.