We would like to introduce you to the people behind the specs who actively and daily try to make other people’s surroundings a better place to work and live in. Meet Dwayne Smyth, from SHAPE Architecture, Canada.
NAME: Dwayne Smyth.
COMPANY: SHAPE Architecture, Vancouver, Canada.
Shape architecture
POSITION: I am one of the owners and principal’s and we specialise in merging contemporary design with high performance buildings and interiors
“Seeing the LZF factory and the people behind the product first hand was eye opening. It was an inspiration to see how thoughtful considered design and passion can translate into a viable business model. I was also intrigued with the connection between the construction techniques of the Las Fallas Festival and some of the LZF lighting. I think that these connections between the specificity of place and product are inspiring. A story that is not readily apparent until you go to Valencia and the LZF factory first hand. After visiting LZF and seeing the full range of product; I can envision specifying LZF in single pieces as well as in mass constellations. The installations within the factory were very beneficial.”