What is the story behind music in LZF. Why produce an album, why create songs? What has a lighting company got to do with a musician in Los Angeles ?

Business at LZF is all about transmitting a sensuality, a feeling or a mood. This is why we entered into the lighting in the first place, to create and fill something that was missing.

In our opinion, the things that stick, that fill the void are the things that are connected to a sensory emotion. Take an song for example. A song has the power to take you back to an original, beautiful moment in your life. This is  the reason why we accompany all our shows and events with sensory sensations, be them taste, smells, visuals or in this case music.

Listening to Rithma brings back memories of an event we did or of a fair we worked on or a video we released together. He revitalizes us, and gives us heightened enthusiasm to create new things. Just being able to boogie around the factory to his tunes, brings us new life and new loving memories.

This year marks the 15th year of Rithma as a musical solo artist and we can not praise him enough. This young, talented, eclectic and extremely resourceful musician grooves forward with musical intelligence and we love him for it! We know our shows would feel a lot emptier without him.

To mark this achievement, Etienne from Rithma Music and Sandro from LZF have put together a compilation of unreleased Rithma tracks exclusively for your listening pleasure and free for download for the next 30 days on his Soundcloud page.


We hope you all take a moment to have a listen to the way Rithma mixes his own personal recipe of jazz, house, funk and groove into this exceptional compilation of tracks. I know we will.

Finally, Rithma, your music is particularly exceptional and we gladly await the next 15 years of beautiful compilations we know are sure to come.

15 years of Rithma