Here at LZF, we appreciate the transformative nature of light. As makers of fine wood veneer lamps, we know that a well-designed light will give great aesthetic pleasure. But more than this, we see light as a constant companion: one that provides comfort, warmth and well-being, and nourishes the mind, body and soul.

As 21st century life becomes increasingly mobile—with an assortment of wireless products—we have noticed the growing enthusiasm for cordless, portable lamps. At LZF, the cordless Piknik lamp has been part of our collection for several years. And now, we have added a second cordless lamp to the collection: the Mini Chou. Short and sturdily built, the Mini Chou is handmade in natural wood veneer (in six colour options), and has a sturdy black metal base and handle. A lamp for modern-day living, the flexible and portable Mini Chou is a constant lighting companion. Its cheery character and soft dimmable glow give rise to a sense of positivity.

With this in mind, we wanted to capture the Mini Chou’s charm, affability, spirit and flair, and set about producing four short, interconnected films. In the first short, we see the Mini Chou lighting the way as a couple take a walk through the woods, heading to dinner with friends. In the second short (above), the Mini Chou’s soft glow adds warmth to the casual al fresco dinner party. In the third short, the Mini Chou makes the perfect gift from one friend to another. And in the fourth short, after dinner, the friends relax with the Mini Chou and each other, in a beautiful sense of togetherness. The short films are imbued with that easy-going, unruffled LZF personality, and accompanied by some gorgeous, ambient tunes by our constant musical companion, Rithma from LA.

The Mini Chou was designed in 2018 by Yonoh, a Valencia-based creative studio (established in 2006 by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma). Handmade in Valencia, the Mini Chou’s wood veneer shade is available in six colours: ivory white, natural beech, red, grey, pale rose and sea blue. At just 26 cm tall, the Mini Chou includes a dimmable LED light source, is charged via a Type C USB, and has a full seven hours of autonomy at 100% power.

Find out more about the Mini Chou here.