September marks the end of the Summer and the slow approach of Autumn to our lives. And so, we feel the need to bring warmth into our home to alleviate the coolness of the ambiance. Our TGR Monthly is all about tips and advices to bring the so needed warmth home and get off to a good start.


» Autumn is without doubt my favourite time of year. I love the crisp, bright mornings, the burnished orange landscape and I never need an excuse to add a favourite jumper into the mix.

It’s getting cooler and gradually darker here in the Northern Hemisphere, so we feel a need to be nourished and comforted by our homes.

There are subtle ways to welcome in the new season, avoiding the pressure of a complete makeover (because only the magazines do that). Here’s how you can bring warmth into your home this Autumn – without making it look like a harvest festival.

Paint with Light

Lighting is important all year round but all the more so when we need to use it during the gloomy afternoons. Use lampshades with a level of transparency such as a wood veneer, paper or opaline glass. Make sure your lamps are using warm toned bulbs (I wrote a post last year on how to layer your lighting) and introduce candles for a cosy atmosphere.

If you have an open fire, make sure you get it checked and swept before you use it and stock up on dry logs. Nothing beats staring into a wood fire and they somehow bring everyone together when there’s one lit.

Save Heat

It’s not the most exciting topic, but is your home losing heat? Old homes (like mine) are notorious for this, with floorboard gaps and cracks in the window frames allowing heat to escape. There are inexpensive improvements you can make to reduce heat loss, such as applying adhesive draught excluder around doors and re-caulking your window seals.
Check your boiler is functioning properly after a long summer break and bleed the radiators – there’s nothing worse than discovering they’re not working when you turn on the heating for the first time.

Warm, Inviting Textures

It’s not freezing just yet – Autumn is a slow transition, so don’t rush to the stack of blankets straight away. Keep the cooler bedding on a little while longer but introduce a lightweight cotton throw or two into the mix.

Layering is key. Soft, textured rugs like a wool berber or viscose weave create warmth underfoot, and if you’ve floorboards like mine will help to keep the draughts at bay.

If you use light curtains over summer, you might like to try a thicker drape – think heavy cotton or velvet.

Play with Colour

Take direction from the change in season and emulate it with deeper, richer colours. I’m a sucker for deep blues but I’ve noticed shades of rust and mustard yellow creeping in lately which look warm and inviting. Metallics are enjoying a moment now too, particularly brass which looks great incorporated into lighting and other inter-changeable accessories.

Inspired by Nature

Autumnal walks always wind up with the kids filling my pockets with pine cones and twigs. Whilst their choices might leave a little to be desired in the styling department, they do inspire us to bring in elements from outside. Make a seasonal wreath from grasses for the front door, or display a couple of large branches in a vase on your table as a sculptural statement.

Don’t Forget The Garden

We tend to focus more on planting out our gardens and balcony for summer and forget to think about autumn and winter flowering plants. Keep up the visual interest and choose evergreens and winter blooms for year round colour – think dahlias, Japanese Anemones and Sedum which I have in my garden right now. I’m also a huge fan of grasses for the variety and texture, as well as the soothing sound they make when the wind blows through them.

Written by Tiffany Grant Riley, interior stylist, collector of houseplants, mother and minimalist.