What day is it again? A refrain we might hear often at Christmas, has become a daily utterance. Instructed to stay at home, life has screeched to a grinding halt. The world has collectively shuddered—and shuttered—in the wake of a spiralling pandemic. Reality has left the building, suddenly replaced by a daunting, and some might suggest perennial, new normal. It’s strange and weird and frightening, like that disaster movie we watch with a sense of morbid fascination, except now it is all very real.

Stuck at home, we are online, faced with a litany of hashtags, reminders that dutifully convey concise commands: #StayHome, #SelfIsolation, #SocialDistance, and #QuarantineAndChill, to name a few. When not online, we’re indulging in binge watching TV from yesteryear, in reading, from that pile of books we bought many moons ago, and in cooking, baking, even pasta-making. Some of us have rekindled the joy of a jigsaw puzzle, picked up a musical instrument, or set about writing a titillating novella. And many more of us are simply sitting, sleeping and ruminating. 

Telling Tales with the Escape lamp.

While LZF is staying at home, we continue to work on new ideas, new concepts, and new ways of communication. A few years ago, we worked on a communications campaign called Telling Tales. Both visual and literary, it was created at the hands of LZF’s co-founder and creative director, Mariví Calvo, in collaboration with Masquespacio Studio and Grassa Toro. For Telling Tales, Masquespacio Studio conceived a series of hyperreal images, with an allusion to the realist paintings of American artist Edward Hopper, and Hitchcock’s classic Rear Window. Grassa Toro provided the texts that accompanied each image, weaving tales in his inimitable style. With its imagined stories, people and places, Telling Tales feels, somewhat strangely, of the moment.

Telling Tales with the Dandelion lamp.

Telling Tales with the Life Size Elephant lamp.

Tell us your tale and win an LZF lamp

If this pandemic has caught us all off guard, it has also cajoled us into finding new ways of entertaining ourselves at home. LZF’s Telling Tales campaign has sparked an idea, a way in which you can participate, and have a chance to win an LZF Lola Table Lamp for your home.

Like the main character in the Telling Tales stories, many of us will be looking out of our windows, imagining the lives of others, of friends and loved ones, and even the complete strangers we see in the building opposite.

Telling Tales with the Link Chain lamp.

We’re inviting you to capture your own Telling Tales photo at home, along with an LZF lamp or image. If you want to dress up and add some props, setting the scene, that’s even better—let your imagination run wild.

All we need is a photo, with an LZF lamp. If you don’t have an Lzf lamp at home down load a photo of one of our fixtures and incorporate it somehow into your story, an open page of a magazine, a poster on the wall etc. Then write a short paragraph—a tale—that accompanies it.

Post your photo on Instagram, using the hashtag #lzftellusyourtale and tagging @Lzflamps and then upload a copy of your foto and text to this link for the final judging that will take place at the end of April.

Here are some examples of people who stay at home with LZF.

For some more inspiration, you can read all of the stories from the Telling Tales campaign below.


Good luck!