We know that good lighting can change and enhance the ambience of a room. As such, over the years efforts have been made to improve the scope and availability of indoor and outdoor illumination. And even though they’ve been ousted for a long time, table lamps are the perfect complement to your interior scheme. 

Chou LZF Lamps sits in a recycled table

Table lamps: the staple complement your home needs.

With interior lighting, those lights that are practical and aesthetically pleasing are important. After all, light and people live side by side, but we often take it for granted. When thinking about and choosing lamps, we tend to overlook their possibilities—we don’t always ask the question ‘why do I need this lamp?’ or ‘how can it help me?’. 
A table lamp can improve the character and setting of any room, while highlighting its details. As a lighting solution, table lamps are certainly a staple complement. 
Don’t table lamps look ‘old’?
Younger people might associate table lamps with the image of a granny’s house: the impression of a baroque lamp, ornate and fancy, embellished with distracting ornamentation. And yet modern table lamps are of a completely different class, typically minimal, modish, innovative and creative pieces—perfect for a 21st century interior. 
LZF’s Asterisco lamp (below) was designed by the young Valencia-based design studio Cuatro Cuatros. With four discrete components—a shade, stem, lectern and red cloth cord—the Asterisco’s quirky form is perfect for writing notes and propping a book. The lamp is ideal for many personalities, from the creative chef to the studious student. 
Asterisco LZF Lamp enlighten a room
Where can I put my table lamp?
In many ways, the table lamp is a victim of its rather restrictive name. In addition to tables, table lamps will provide a wonderfully soft glow when placed on a bookcase, shelf, sideboard or dresser, on a bedside table, and even on the floor. 
Table lamps radiate a soft light that is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere, especially as night falls and we seek those moments of quiet and mental repose. As a secondary light source, the table lamp is also the perfect way to warm up cold, gloomy corners and recesses.
A smart and handsome table lamp will add decoration, character and atmosphere to any room, focusing light both directly and indirectly. 
Chou medium and Chou large cast soft light to a room
Style and sustainability: can they mix? 
Today, more of us are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of our design choices. We appreciate design that is beautiful and at the same time sustainable. LZF approaches lighting design in a wholly responsible manner, creating aesthetic designs that contribute to the conservation of the environment.
At LZF, style and sustainability mix very well together. Every lamp is created using FSC certified natural wood veneer: this material is eco-friendly and, with the application of Timberlite®, exceptionally pliable, allowing LZF to craft a myriad of winsome shapes (read more about LZF’s use of natural wood veneer here).
LZF’s table lamps work as individual pieces and in groups of varying sizes. The Air lamp, with its imaginative three-dimensional form, diffuses light in a way that is modest, fresh and clean. The Chou lamp, with its tall and short forms, is deceptively simple and especially pleasing when presented in a cluster of differing sizes. The Carambola lamp enjoys a striking interplay between its white light panels and wood veneers, and has a pleasingly serene disposition. 
Carambola table lamp by LZF Lamps
We might think that a table lamp has no place in our home, that its function and form are incompatible with our particular decoration. And yet table lamps offer many design possibilities and solutions, in a range of forms that mix innovation, usefulness and sustainability.
Using wood veneer, LZF embraces each of these factors and every one of its table lamps is quintessential. Handmade and expertly crafted, LZF’s distinctive range of wood veneer table lamps are exceptional light diffusers.