At LZF, we partner with many agents, retailers, and studios across the world. Our lamps have journeyed far and wide and are part of a showcase of great Spanish design. Recently, the Singapore-based atelier 4plus8 began specifying LZF’s lamps in a number of projects. 4plus8 also features several LZF fixtures on its online shop, including Eris, Lens, and Black Note Keys. Founded in 2009, 4plus8 produces quality cabinetry, working alongside architects and designers. Its services include: interior design and lighting consultancy, architectural woodwork, renovation, and made-to-measure furniture.


The team at 4plus8.

We chatted with 4plus8 about its creative philosophy, sustainable design, lighting, and working in Singapore.

Tell us about 4plus8—is there a philosophy or way of thinking that underpins your work? 

4plus8 is constantly pushing limits to produce quality cabinetry with one-of-a-kind detailing. By providing unique and tightly focused design advice on woodwork, we complement the expertise of architects and interior designers.

What sets 4plus8 apart from other design ateliers? 

With a keen eye for design, 4plus8 prides itself on its skills and expertise in the technicalities of woodwork. We take on challenging projects that cannot be accomplished by most.


Woodworking at 4plus8.

How do you balance function with the aesthetic quality of a design? 

There are two key aspects that we consider when striving to find a good balance between function and design. Firstly, we start by listening closely to, and understanding the needs of, the client—an in-depth analysis of their needs will help us determine how each space should function. Secondly, in terms of visual aspects, we work closely with key consultants on every project to select and introduce the textures and materials that set the mood of each space.

4plus8, Singapore

Mayfield Drive kitchen fit-out, Singapore.

What is 4plus8’s approach to sustainable design? 

A large part of 4plus8’s production involves the use of natural wood products. To reduce our environmental impact, we invest in using sustainably sourced raw materials. We actively source ‘Green Label Certified’ products, incorporating them as part of our designs and creating spaces with a reduced carbon footprint.


Bukit Timah Road cabinetry, Singapore.

What attracted you to partnering with LZF? 

We have the same direction: 4plus8 has been working with wood and we are known for this within our industry. LZF can complement our designs and vice versa.

How important is lighting to space planning and design? 

Good lighting changes and transforms a space. It creates depth and can demarcate different areas of function. Lighting is also important in setting the right mood—it can evoke a range of emotions as the user navigates through different spatial set-ups.

kitchen, woodwork

Martin Road kitchen fit-out, Singapore.

You are based in Singapore. How has the city influenced your approach to design? 

With Singapore’s global position, the city and its occupants are exposed to design influences from across the world. These influences have an effect on 4plus8’s design thinking and approaches, both consciously and subconsciously. It results in the uniqueness and strong sense of identity found in our projects.


East Coast Avenue cabinetry, Singapore.

What excites you most about Singapore’s design scene? 

The design scene in Singapore comprises many highly creative individuals, with a unique blend of Asian sensibilities. It demonstrates great competence in terms of design engineering capabilities.

4plus8, Singapore

Showroom Living, Singapore.

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