If you don’t live in Spain, speaking about the Guía Repsol won’t mean much to you, however, the well known Repsol Guide is like the Spanish version of the French Michelin Guide created in Spain in 1981. In a similar fashion to the Michelin Guide, the Repsol guide gathers reliable tourist info within its pages in order for you to take wonderful road trips that provide not only the best gastronomic selection of every region but also interesting places to visit. 
The printed version of the repsol guide has accompanied Spanish holiday makers since the early 1980’s but their online website also includes articles reflecting lifestyle, decoration, recipes and recommendations of a whole host of wonderful places to spend a weekend.
Repsol decided to include LZF in their web site due to the many restaurants that have chosen LZF as their main decorative lighting source. In their opinion lighting is vital to the gastronomic experience in a restaurant and they wanted to underline the compatibility between restaurants and a soft organic lighting experience.
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