This year’s Feria Hábitat Valencia (a showcase for the Spanish design industry, held between 17th and 20th September 2019), hosted a retrospective exhibition of Spanish architect and designer Ramón Esteve’s work. In a white monochromatic installation designed by Esteve, a selection of his many celebrated furniture pieces, created for a number of Spanish and international brands, were on display: distinguished names included Vondom, Porcelanosa, Gandia Blasco and LZF.

Ramón Esteve’s white monochromatic installation at Feria Hábitat Valencia.

Ramón Esteve founded his studio in 1991 and almost thirty years later, has built a reputation as one of Spain’s most admired architects. In presenting a retrospective of his work, the Feria Hábitat Valencia recognised the significant impact that Esteve has had on the world of architecture, interiors and design, both at home and globally. 

Spanish architect and designer Ramón Esteve.

Across every project, Ramón Esteve and his team strive to achieve an outcome that embodies clarity, simplicity, consistency and harmony in design. Taking a basic concept, fundamental ideas then morph and evolve: Esteve creates designs that have soul, timeless appeal, universality and a connectedness with their environment. Together with his team, Esteve will generate design solutions that consider the importance of unique spaces and functional, aesthetic objects. He views architecture and design as complementary disciplines, each one enriching the other.

LZF’s Thesis and Black Note collections designed by Ramón Esteve.

When thinking about design, Ramón Esteve looks for a number of important constants, including: atmosphere, the universality of experience, and the contextualisation of culture, place and the physical environment. Working closely with LZF throughout 2019, Esteve’s approach to and thinking on design were clearly seen. Alongside designing both the new Thesis and Black Note collections, Esteve designed LZF’s singular show space for the 54th edition of Casa Decor in Madrid (held between 24th January and 10th March 2019), as well as LZF’s fantastical and atmospheric Euroluce booth at 2019’s Salone del Mobile.

Ulm Daybed for Vondom designed by Ramón Esteve.

LIGNAGE collection for Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms designed by Ramón Esteve.

Na Xemena sunbed for Gandia Blasco designed by Ramón Esteve.

In all, LZF’s collaborations with Ramón Esteve have been a triumph of creativity, innovation, aesthetic prowess and togetherness. LZF certainly attaches much kudos to the inclusion of its Thesis and Black Note collections as part of Esteve’s notable retrospective at Feria Hábitat Valencia.

Ramón Esteve Retrospectiva at Feria Hábitat Valencia

Ramón Esteve. Arquitectura 1996–2019

As well as a retrospective of Ramón Esteve’s work at Feria Hábitat Valencia, architecture magazine TC Cuadernos recently published ‘Ramón Esteve. Arquitectura 1996–2019‘. Across 326 pages, a selection of photographs, sketches, plans and construction details provide a comprehensive overview of some of Esteve’s most famous and award-winning architectural projects. The book also includes many of Esteve’s product designs, created for brands such as Vondom, Porcelanosa, Vibia and LZF.