Hosting a successful dinner can prove to be an overwhelming affair, because of the number of details we need to think about and plan for ahead of time. In order to make it a special and enjoyable event, a certain amount of forethought is needed. More than just food on a plate, a well-planned dinner requires various preparations, from designing the menu to buying the ingredients, and from styling the table to creating the ideal ambience and mood.

All too often, our focus is on ensuring we bring together the physical components of a dinner—the food and tableware. However, a truly great dinner is one where guests are relaxed and able to enjoy a convivial atmosphere, a feeling that’s easily achievable with lighting and attention to those often overlooked, but important details.
Decoration is in the detail
Decoration is more than the obvious material setting (such as crockery and napkins, the table and chairs), and will include fine touches that heighten the experience for guests. Examples include: a vase of flowers, seasonal plants, a sprig of herbs, a scattering of star anise (or other spices), candles and small objets d’art (can you name the character from LZF’s Funny Farm in the image above?)1 Such decorations add a visual elegance and—in the case of greenery, spices and herbs—an appealing aroma.
Don’t leave out the colours
When we decorate our homes, we choose colours, patterns and textures that will live with us for a number of years. The act of mixing and matching colours and patterns adds both vitality and richness to the ambience of our abode.
Similarly, to call attention to your table at a dinner soirée, one tip is to mix soft-toned colours with darker hues: if your tablecloth is a soft pink, try adding rich, dark-coloured napkins (browns or greys) to create a sense of depth. Alternatively, you might choose to lose your inhibitions and cover your table with a wild jungle tablecloth paired with bright green napkins. The trick is to experiment and play with various colours and patterns—you might very well surprise yourself.
Lighting makes it better
Lighting can transform a gloomy setting into a rich scene. Without question, good lighting is important to your dinner’s success. If your space is devoid of light, it will result in a cheerless, ill-lit dinner. Think about how we feel in a room where the lighting is well-considered and aesthetically pleasing—it invariably informs and transforms our mood for the better.
For your dinner setting, don’t rely solely on ceiling lamps, but think about floor lamps and table lamps as suitable additions or alternatives to your interior scheme.
LZF’s handsome Chou table lamp acts as the perfect accent light, its satisfying illumination providing a cosy air. With its handmade wood veneer form, the charming Chou lamp adds character and personality to a setting. Alternatively, LZF’s avant-garde Escape pendant is the ideal lighting companion for any smart dinner gathering—whether indoors or outdoors. Escape is especially striking when presented in clusters of varying heights.
So don’t your ‘kiss the cook’ apron, channel your inner interior designer and create a dinner that people will remember. Think about those added details, play around with colours and don’t forget the all-important key ingredient: lighting.
1It’s the bullish Toro.