LZF Link pendant light by Ray Power hangs over dinning room table

Being a hive of creative juices, Palo Alto, California is our sort of place to chill out. It’s not only that it’s the economic focal point of Silicon Valley that we love (and we do admire a friendly venture capitalist) but we also kinda like the idea that the world’s first Victoria Secret store opened here.

Apart from a nice pair of knickers, we also appreciate great design. As do our friends at Ogawa Fisher Architects.

Lynn Fisher, a person driven by family values and principal at Ogawa Fisher, wanted her elderly parents living a little closer to home while at the same time accommodating her family of four.

The solution was to take two existing homes on the one lot and creating a serene family compound. The larger home at the rear of the property was transformed to fit Lynn Fisher’s immediate family. This involved the addition of an airy carport, a spacious entryway and a kitchen/dining/family room, all of which open to each other and to a private backyard.

The smaller, street-facing home is one-fourth the size of Lynn’s parents’ former East Coast residence.  Inspired by the challenge to provide ample storage while leaving plenty of room to age in place, the architects created an open plan around key heirloom furniture pieces and also designed new built-in furniture throughout the home. The interior is spare and bright, with abundant natural light throughout the open plan; the exterior is formal yet inviting to tie in with the neighbourhood.

Between the two homes, a lush courtyard invites family and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company.

LZF are pleased to see that Ogawa Fisher have excellent taste when it comes to choosing a wooden pendant light to hang over the dining table in the big house. They selected none other than the LINK by our favourite Dubliner (and winner of Ireland’s X-Factor for a stirring rendition of Danny Boy) Ray Power.

The LINK is a handmade wooden lamp that is sexy, seductive and just as beautiful in the daytime as at night.

Just like Victoria Secret

Photo credits: Cesar Rubio


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