Mad Mouse is a handsome new co-working center by LZF. Situated in Valencia’s El Carmen neighbourhood, part of the city’s historic old quarter, the center was designed by Boor Studio. An architecture and interior design studio based in Valencia, Boor Studio has created an incredibly contemporary co-working area that maximises the potential of a forgotten old building.

Entrance to the Mad Mouse co-working center.

Where many co-working spaces are decorated with an unimaginative, mundane corporate-style palette, Mad Mouse blends natural materials—wood and stone—with a cool, industrial aesthetic and a range of LZF’s winsome lamps. Charming and cheering, the overall effect is one that helps to inspire and focus body and mind—a perfect combination for any budding creative.

Blending wood and stone throughout.

In realising Mad Mouse, Boor Studio made the most of the building’s rustic charm, focusing attention on its old stone walls and rough timber beams. Adding to the mix, the studio incorporated concrete, birch and pine woods, and corrugated polycarbonate sheets. These opaque sheets can be opened, acting as windows that connect different spaces and heights. Wooden furniture, including desks, chairs and stools, and wooden latticing, create a warm, homey air, while greenery adds a sense of vitality.

Lush greenery.

LZF’s creative lighting for creative minds

Shining throughout LZF’s Mad Mouse co-working space, is a curated selection of the brand’s handmade wood veneer lamps. Upon entering Mad Mouse—stepping directly into its first co-working space—visitors are greeted by two Banga suspension lamps, designed by Yonoh Creative Studio. 

The Banga suspension lamp designed by Yonoh Creative Studio.

In a small, smart kitchen area, visitors will find the Stitches Djenné suspension lamp by Burojet Design Studio, the Guijarro wall lamp by Mariví Calvo, the new Lens Oval floor lamp by MUT Design and the new Thesis table lamp by Ramón Esteve. 

Stitches Djenné lamp by Burojet Design Studio and the Guijarro wall lamp by Mariví Calvo.

The new Thesis table lamp by Ramón Esteve.

A large Banga suspension lamp hangs within a lattice-style desk in a second co-working space. On the desk’s integrated shelving sits a Loop table lamp by MUT Design and a new cordless Mini Chou by Yonoh Creative Studio. 

The large Banga suspension lamp.

On the shelving, a Loop table lamp by MUT Design and a new cordless Mini Chou by Yonoh.

A further two medium Banga suspension lamps captivate the eye in a third space, along with Ramón Esteve’s Thesis table lamp. 

The medium Banga suspension lamp and a Thesis table lamp in the background.

In a fourth co-working space, an I-Club lamp by Burkhard Dämmer hangs from an imposing timber beam ceiling, and on the desk sits a new cordless Mini Chou; an additional I-Club lamp adds warmth to a separate meeting room. 

The I-Club lamp by Burkhard Dämmer and the new cordless Mini Chou.

The I-Club lamp in a meeting room.

In the punctilious baño, a small I-Club wall lamp sits above the sink. 

The small I-Club wall lamp.

The Mad Mouse co-working center is named after one of Isidro Ferrer’s curious Funny Farm characters for LZF—in a number of places, eagle-eyed visitors will notice the presence of several members of the Funny Farm posse.

Mad Mouse co-working center logo.

As a co-working space, Mad Mouse truly captures the spirit of LZF, embodying design, collaboration, creativity, mindfulness, physicality and an honest approach to natural materials.