Miami is now hometown to a brand new advanced center for cancer research and treatment. The Miami Cancer Institute is a new facility built in a park-like scenario whose design was inspired in the natural light of the location. Silhouetted by dramatic views, its connection with nature makes the Miami Cancer Institute as a project worth checking out.

The studios responsible for this magnificent design are ZGF and MGE Architects. The complex includes a 240,300 SF outpatient care and advanced imaging facility, a 125,900 SF laboratory building, two parking garages for 1,200 vehicles, and an 18,800 SF central energy plant.

The centre also sports different spaces for different treatments such as radiation therapy, medical oncology clinics and exam and consultation rooms. Its focus on patient and family care makes the Miami Cancer Institute a different kind of treatment centre. Amenities in the complex include meditation room, various garden terraces or a chapel.

Several lamps designed by Lzf can be found inside the Center, adding a natural vibe to its interior design. Within its walls, at the Radiation and Hematology Oncology Clinics and at some of the other waiting rooms outside the treatment zones, one of our most charismatic pendant lamps, Spiro, is hanging from the ceiling. Designed by Remedios Simon, Spiro is an impressive light whose frame contains a mass of irregular wood veneer spirals. We are thrilled to have had our lights selected for a project that bases its ideology on the creation of harmonious and relaxed spaces were people can concentrate on recuperation and the healing process.

The natural surroundings of the place set the perfect space for the use of LZF’s fixtures. This facility has been built with rich and warm materials to comfort patients and families. A building organized around the idea of light and a design inspired by the Mediterranean style of the Baptist Health’s that hopefully encourages patients into their healing process.