On a cool mid-November’s evening, LZF hosted a sparkling dinner party in the garden of its factory. Beneath a galaxy of lights, guests from far and wide gathered to celebrate Valencia and the city’s status as World Design Capital 2022.

LZF dinner party

The LZF dinner party in full swing. Photo by Maria Mira.

It was very much a relaxed affair: an opportune moment to mix and mingle, to make connections, and to look towards the future. Savouring local food and drinks, the partygoers revelled in the unique setting. In every part of the factory’s garden, LZF’s impressive array of handmade lights were joined by exemplary artisanal furnishings from Expormim, Sancal, Andreu World, Gandía Blasco, GAN, Diabla, and .annud. The event’s premise: that ‘design is about working together’.

LZF dinner party

Maruja in the round at the LZF dinner party. Photo by Santiago Relanzon.

Design is about working together

Valencia was awarded the designation of World Design Capital 2022 owing to its rich and enduring design legacy. In choosing Valencia, the World Design Organisation highlighted the city’s effective application of Mediterranean design, particularly related to promoting change and improving quality of life. Valencia is renowned for its achievements in many areas of design over the last century, including: graphic design, artisanal crafts, product design, industrial design, and architecture.

LZF belongs to a creative community in Valencia that values the importance of working together. To design and manufacture its collection of lamps, LZF has collaborated with the region’s hugely talented artisans, artists, designers, film-makers, innovators, musicians, poets, technicians, writers, and more. The power of collaboration and the ability to form lasting alliances has generated a sense of energy and vitality, something LZF has been able to channel into the products it is presenting today.

LZF’s Escape pendants (left) and Big Bird Horizontal (right). Photos by Maria Mira.

Since its inception in 1994, collaboration has been a core tenet of LZF. The company’s origins were organic, a time when LZF’s founders—Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill—worked alongside artists in a small workshop. Growth required structure, from collaborating with external designers to becoming proficient in the technical aspects of lighting. All of this was underpinned by the support of many creative people and enterprises.

Across Valencia, designers and manufacturers are forward-looking, yet much of their work is inspired by traditional craftsmanship. There are notable examples throughout the region: Expormim’s exquisite achievements with rattan, both Sancal’s and Andreu World’s imaginative use of wood, and Gandía Blasco’s superlative work with textiles, to name a few. In its own work with wood veneer, LZF draws inspiration from Valencia’s prodigious craft and design heritage. As much as possible, it supports new generations of artisans, such as .annud design studio and the region’s ceramicists, with their avant-garde approach to making.

Seating by .annud (left) and Sancal (right) at the LZF dinner party. Photos by Maria Mira.

Like many of its contemporaries, LZF’s products are proudly handmade in Valencia. To create its collection of lamps, the company is dependent on local talent and manufacturing. LZF supports local business endeavours, doing so with absolute commitment and a willingness to collaborate. By working together and respecting one another, business and talent will grow in unison. It is a key reason for Valencia’s success as a design community, and a reason why people around the world appreciate design made in Valencia.

LZF would like to thank each one of the companies and individuals whose collective efforts contributed to the dinner party’s success.

Furniture: .annud, Andreu World, Diabla, Expormim, GAN, Gandía Blasco, and Sancal.

Ceramicists: Ana Illueca, Cuit, Eugenia Boscá, Francesco Sillitti Design, and Sweet Sue.

Food: Agua Mineral San Benedetto, Arroceria Las Bairetas, Bodegas Vegamar, El Paeller, Honoo Japanase Grill Restaurant, Jamones El Maño, Kaido Sushi Bar, La Cambra, Palanca Carnissers, Pelayo Gastro Trinquet, Tastem Restaurante Japonés, and Vaqueta Gastro Mercat.

Mariví Calvo, Sandro Tothill

LZF dinner party hosts Mariví Calvo and Sandro Tothill. Photo by Maria Mira.

Agatha Ball. Photo by Santiago Relanzon.

Photo by Maria Mira.

LZF dinner party

Black Note Keys. Photo by Santiago Relanzon.

Photo by Santiago Relanzon.

Koi. Photo by Maria Mira.

Photo by Santiago Relanzon.

Photo by Santiago Relanzon.