International Women’s Day (IWD), a day that celebrates women around the world, takes place on 8th March every year. The day adopts an annual campaign theme: in 2022 that theme is #BreakTheBias. Here, the emphasis is on a world that is free of bias and discrimination, that is diverse and inclusive, and that values and celebrates difference. IWD is also arranged around a number of missions that strive to raise awareness of the issues that impact women’s equality, and to acknowledge the accomplishments of women everywhere. These missions cover a broad range of sectors, including: technology, health, empowerment, sport, and creatives.

Mariví Calvo, International Women's Day

Mariví Calvo, LZF’s co-founder and Creative Director.

At LZF, one woman is especially important to us: Mariví Calvo, LZF’s co-founder and Creative Director. Mariví has been the driving force behind LZF’s success—from the company’s modest beginnings to its standing as an acclaimed Spanish lighting manufacturer. A creative soul, Mariví is both an artist and a designer: for her, the growth of LZF has been a labour of love. As with many creatives, Mariví is personable and unassuming—she doesn’t crave the limelight, and is instead more content in her study and at home. Doubtless a role model to many, Mariví knows what she wants to achieve for LZF, and she understands the importance of a great team. Her approach ensures everything that happens at LZF is part of a family effort.

Remedios Simón, International Women's Day

LZF’s classic Spiro was designed by Remedios Simón.

Maruja, International Women's Day

Maruja was designed by Kar Durán & Concha Rodrigo of Gazpacho Studio (with Miguel López).

There are many women LZF would like to acknowledge on International Women’s Day, including the truly talented designers we have worked with: Marta Alonso Yebra of Mayice (designed Dune, Estela, and Eris), Kar Durán and Concha Rodrigo of Gazpacho Studio (designed Maruja), Clara del Portillo of Yonoh Creative Studio (designed Banga Large and Medium, Chou Tall and Short, Mini Chou, and Pleg), Remedios Simón (designed Spiro), Raquel Esteve of Rqr Studio (designed Domo), and Eli Gutierrez (who has designed a new upcoming collection of lamps for LZF).

LZF’s latest collaboration is with designer Eli Gutierrez.

Then there are those exceptional women that LZF has had the opportunity to collaborate with, work alongside, and know, including: Sancal CEO Esther Castaño, Barcelona Design Museum director Pilar Vélez, jeweller Helena Rohner, photographer Nienke Klunder of KlunderBie, illustrator Luisa Vera, designer–artist Marre Moerel, Global Innovation Trends Unit founder Marisa Santamaría, and business entrepreneur Gracia Cardona. We would also highlight the digital platform Women in Lighting. This online site profiles women working in the field of lighting and lighting design, across more than seventy countries.

Nienke Klunder, International Women's Day

Artwork by Nienke Klunder and KlunderBie for LZF, featuring Escape.

Luisa Vera, International Women's Day

‘d’Estrées Sisters Meet Lichtenstein’ illustration by Luisa Vera.

Marre Moerel, International Women's Day

‘Anatomy’ series: Feral Child Clinging onto the Mother Lode by designer–artist Marre Moerel.

And there are the many incredible women designers, historic figures from the past, whose extensive contributions to design and architecture are often overlooked and undervalued. Names that we at LZF appreciate include: Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Zaha Hadid, Ray Eames, Eileen Gray, Aino Aalto, Marianne Brandt, and Florence Knoll Bassett.

Ray Eames, International Women's Day

The inimitable Ray Eames. Photo © Pat Kirkham (1983).

Eileen Gray, International Women's Day

Eileen Gray was an early pioneer of modernism. Photo by Berenice Abbott.

Zaha Hadid, International Women's Day

The late, great British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid in her London office circa 1985.

The aforementioned women are of course only a handful of the outstanding women creatives—past and present—in the world today. On International Women’s Day and every day, LZF salutes them all.