In LZF we love what we do.  Original design and innovative techniques in the treatment of wood are two of our most recognizable traits. Light is a prime matter for life to happen and we understand how needy of it human beings are; that’s why light seen through wood is not only a catchy phrase for us: it summarizes our savoir faire.

But there’s more than meets the eye: behind our original design there are also lots of efforts put together to transform an idea into a tangible reality.

LZF’s organic & original design

Creativity is one of the pillars of our company and thanks to it we manufacture original wood veneer lamps —hand—made with love worldwide. LZF is synonymous for creativity, sustainability, aesthetics, design and originality.

Therefore, when you buy a fixture signed by LZF, you’re buying those values and identifying with them.  And we love that.


When it all started, we were amazed by how smoothly light was casted through wood. Our first contact with wood and all its possibilities became a magical moment that has marked, so far, the last 25 years of our lives.

Express yourself with style

Notably, design has become a pivotal factor to our expression and, at the same time, makes a statement about who we really are. Our lamps are our prime vehicle of expression; think for example in our Banga family, with its Orient-like style infused with simplicity and symmetry making them a relaxing thing to stare at.

To say nothing of the simple beauty of our Raindrop lamp. This stationary raindrop allows you to create clusters and its playful form will generate an especially pleasing feeling at any ambience. Under these lines you can see how gracefully it hangs in a master bedroom, adding a its lively vibe to the room’s composition.

Original design has always been a key factor for us to build a recognizable brand identity. We care about what we do and about how our costumers feel with their lamps; that’s why we want you to know LZF Lamps only works and designs with original materials.

In wood, we find an unparalleled light diffusor capable of bringing our hearts closer to nature. In the rush of modernity we sometimes forget the importance of this connection and it is something that we need to praise and take into account.

An effort we daily do at our factory to imbue the best of us into our designs.