Comprising more than twenty-five lighting fixtures, LZF’s handsome new collection is both diverse and discerning. We set the bar high and we rose to meet it, in many ways exceeding our own expectations—we are certainly proud of the results. We worked hard to improve our tech, offering entirely handmade fixtures with fully integrated LED light sources. Moreover, we use the latest Bluetooth, dim-to-warm lighting options and electrification through steel cables, an alternative to the more chunky electrical cables.

Meet LZF’s new collection: Thesis, Black Note, Loop, Lens, Skyline, Big Bird, Mini Chou and Lola.

Thesis by Ramón Esteve: The Invisible Light

Designed by architect and designer Ramón Esteve, Thesis is a table lamp and a floor lamp. It is a modern lamp whose companionship is close and intimate, casting a warm glow as you toil though the night, and by your side as you read or simply contemplate the day. Thesis is well suited to quiet spaces: in a library, private study or cosy corner, its minimal form and clean lines are free from distraction. Authoritative and introspective, (when viewed from above) Thesis emanates a calm light from an almost invisible source.

Thesis, the invisible light, by Ramón Esteve (table version). When viewed from above, Thesis emanates a calm light from an almost invisible source.

Thesis floor version.

Black Note by Ramón Esteve: The Rhythmic Light

Black Note is a lamp with perpendicular shades that rise and fall in harmony. Its rhythmic arrangement is inspired by the black keys on a piano, whose sharp and flat notes add emotion and passion to a melody. Black Note’s metallic frame, finished in black and anthracite tones, works harmoniously with its luminous, warm wood veneer shades. Ramón Esteve created three Black Note compositions: Black Note Keys (horizontal), Black Note Triplets (suspension and floor) and Black Note Duplets (wall). These differing compositions, with their rhythmic forms, offer a symphony of light, texture and pattern.

Black Note, the rhythmic light, by Ramón Esteve. Black Note Keys version.

Black Note Triplets.

Black Note Duplets.

Loop by MUT: The Beaming Light

Designed by MUT, a multidisciplinary Spanish design studio founded in 2010 by designers Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, Loop is made up of a single opaque LED lens, set into a metallic base, and encircled—looped—by two concentric ellipses. A compact table lamp, Loop has a curious gait. Its expression is determined by the setting: that is to say, Loop can be used for concentrating or dispersing light. Full of character and entirely radiant, Loop greets every space with a beaming smile.

Loop, the beaming light, by MUT.

Lens by MUT: The Smooth Light

Lens enjoys flowing lines with no hard edges. Its wood veneer shade surrounds an oval circumference of light, and in its centre is a clear void. The shade is connected to a slender metallic base. Available as a table and floor lamp, Lens has two shade types: circular and elliptic. The elliptic version has two shapes: an elongated ellipse and a truncated ellipse. Free from interruption, Lens’s radiant light traces the air. Perfectly symmetrical and sleek, soothing and suave, Lens is one smooth luminaire.

Lens, the smooth light, by MUT. Lens circular version.

Lens elliptic versions.

Skyline by estudi{H}ac: The Tailored Light

Designed by José Manuel Ferrero of estudi{H}ac, Skyline is tailor-made using layers of several distinct materials: natural wood veneer, wire mesh and etched acrylic glass. The lamp diffuses light via a carefully arranged skyline of colours, textures and shadows. Skyline is designed to swivel: facing either upwards or downwards, the outline of layered, decorative shapes provides an ambient glow, while the horizontal base shines a direct upward or downward light. A truly novel and inventive lamp, Skyline’s use of different materials marks a new direction for LZF.

Skyline, the tailored light, by José Manuel Ferrero of estudi{H}ac.

Skyline is designed to swivel.

Big Bird by Isidro Ferrer

Created by the illustrator and designer Isidro Ferrer and built using a traditional craft technique called vareta, Big Bird is a masterly feat of wood craftsmanship. While light radiates from Big Bird’s wooden plumage, a wood veneer globe hangs from its beak, like a ball of glowing nectar. As a new member of LZF’s Life-Size family, Big Bird joins the happy adventures of Elephant, Fish and Koi. Hovering vertically with fluttering wings, Big Bird has the agile appearance of a gentle hummingbird.

Big Bird by the illustrator and designer Isidro Ferrer.

Big Bird’s noble beak.

Mini Chou by Yonoh: Because the Chou must go on!

Designed by Yonoh, a multidisciplinary creative studio set up in 2006 by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma, the Mini Chou is a new portable addition to the delightful Chou series. The Chou was inspired by a trip to Japan and the Japanese name for a simple, traditional lantern: Chouchin. The perfect companion for modern life, Mini Chou is wireless, easy-to-use and extremely versatile. Handmade in natural wood veneer in Spain and available in six colour finishes, Mini Chou incorporates a dimmer, allowing for the creation of the ideal atmosphere.

Mini Chou by Yonoh in six colour finishes.

Because the Chou must go on!

Lola by Ray Power: The Piquant Light

Designed by Ray Power, Lola is a conical lamp with an intricate geometric pattern. A veritable labour of love, Lola’s shape went through many iterations, drawings and prototypes. The end result is, without doubt, a marvel of lighting design. A particularly piquant Spanish name, Lola is very much alive, sensuous and intriguing. In a domestic or contract setting, Lola is a lamp that attracts and pleases the eye. Highly original and truly sophisticated, Lola’s complex veneer construction is both accentuated and softened when illuminated.

Lola, the piquant light, by Ray Power. Suspension version.

Lola floor version.

Lola table version.