With a wonderfully restrained sense of elegance, LZF’s Poppy pendant shines throughout the new Lucky Apple restaurant in Waalwijk, in the southern Netherlands.

Lucky Apple restaurant in Waalwijk.

The Poppy’s simple unfussy design quietly illuminates an intimate space.

A warm orb of light, the Poppy pendant was designed by Burkhard Dämmer and is made up of a series of wood veneer strips. With its cloud-like formation, the handmade Poppy has an intimate and relaxed ambience. An unassuming lamp, the Poppy’s simple unfussy design does not demand attention, but quietly illuminates its surroundings. 

Seating at Lucky Apple.

In what is essentially a large dining space—1800 square metres, spread over two floors—the clever use of light at Lucky Apple works to lessen the impact of the restaurant’s size. Light is used to create a number of zones: in seating areas where the lighting is softer, and in the central kitchen–buffet where it is much brighter, highlighting the abundance of food on offer. 

Poppy pendants brighten the circular kitchen–buffet at Lucky Apple.

The idea behind Lucky Apple was to create a ‘world restaurant’, where 430 diners can choose from dishes inspired by international cuisine: pizza and pasta, Argentinian steak with chimichurri, fresh dim sum and sushi, carpaccio and vitello tonnato, tacos, salads, breads and much more. Food is carefully displayed on an impressive circular buffet, and made fresh daily by a multitude of chefs. Lucky Apple was started by husband and wife restauranteurs Long Quan and Puhui Jin—in Chinese, the name is a reference to richness and happiness.

Screens are just one of Lucky Apple’s interior features.

Lucky Apple’s interior, designed by Jorg Wijnen and Erik Remmers of Art2Go Interieurprojecten (an interior design studio based in Baarle-Nassau, in the southern Netherlands), is a mix of wood and marble, soft furnishings, screens and mosaic tiles. The interior has a sense of occasion—perhaps verging on ostentation—that is tempered with warm, natural materials (wood in particular) and lighting. Throughout Lucky Apple, lighting is clearly a central feature, and LZF’s Poppy pendant adds a sense of calm to the dining occasion.

The hexagon mosaic tile pattern that frames the kitchen–buffet area, was designed by Erik Remmers of Art2Go Interieurprojecten.

Photo credits: Sharman Media.