Living in the same house for a long time affects the way we perceive our interior decor: sometimes our rooms start feeling dull and unstylish, causing us to feel bored with our home. Other times, almost without noticing it, the interior design of your house evolves and looks nowhere near to what it once was. But fear not, if you want to pull your house together without facing a deep renovation process (involving lots of time and money) there are a few simple things you can do to give a fresh new look to your place.

Add some greenery.
It is incredible how much a room can change when adding a bit of greenery. Get some plants (cacti count too if you’re a bit clumsy with gardening) and scatter them in strategic places around your house. Place some on top of your nightstand, another one by your desk and maybe a tall one in that corner you never know what to use for, and that’s it: brand new look to your house!
Lights, lights, lights
We take light so for granted here in Valencia that we are barely conscious of how important light is to us as human beings. We grow throughout our life thanks to it, plants grow thanks to it and we can distinguish day and night thanks to it. With electric light we can extend our activities far into the night and literally become 24 hour people if we wish. At home a change in lighting can completely change the feel of a room. Its much cheaper to buy new lighting than change a whole room and one should not underestimate the effect that new lighting can have. 
Have you ever though about including wall sconces? This seemingly old and ostentatious piece has experienced a renewal in the past years: whether its used as a secondary light source or simple just as decoration, sconces are not to be scorned. 
LZF has some sconces fitting all kinds of homes and owners that will add that special value and will help you spruce up your house. Check out the amazing Hi-Collar wall lamp, perfect for bedrooms, or try creating a unique wall composition thanks to Guijarro.
Change your wall decor
Think about what makes you smile and transform those things into canvases you can hang from your walls. Gather vacation photos, photos from events you have enjoyed and some snaps of your beloved ones and turn them into wall decorations. This way your personality and the things you love will always be visible for you when entering to the room. 
Break the monotony
Even though at first all your decorative choices might seem fantastic, time makes us doubt of what at first seemed the perfect fit. If you’re feeling like your house is becoming monotonous and is in need of a deep change you’ll find your perfect ally in lighting. 
You don’t need to refurbish every room entirely, just bet it on light. The Carambola table lamp enjoys a striking interplay between its white light panels and wood veneers: the former, more illuminating; the latter, warmer. Carambola takes its title and distinguishing shape from the fruit of the same name, typically native to countries in the East, also known as Star Fruit. 
Textures are everything
One thing you tend to forget when choosing our decoration is to mix textures and patterns. Texture adds a playful touch to any home so it’s a must we better not forget. An statement rug can turn the design of a room from dull to bright, and cushions turn any sofa into a paradise to lay in. 
Wood veneer LZF’s lamps add texture and a natural vibe to any decoration. Wood is an amazing material that helps us reconnect with our natural side while taking care of the environment. As all the wood we work with comes from certified FSC forests, when you acquire a LZF’s lamp you are also buying sustainable, eco friendly lighting.
The secret to a good renovation is to choose pieces that we identify as ours and that reflect our personality as well— you don’t need to invest in a full renovation if you add a bit of sparkle to the right places and make them shine out.