In Paris, Gea and Cosmos work at unisone giving off their natural vibe. Sitting at the modern lounges that L’Espace has designed at Université du Management, they aim to inspire the students.

Searching the interaction between people and space, the team responsible for the design chose LZF’s Gea and Cosmos lamps to complete the several spaces in the university’s Office of Employment. L’Espace, the furniture company behind this work, is one of the biggest of the country and aimed to create spaces to remember. 

Throughout, LZF’s smart, handmade lamps provide soft light and decoration.  

Above these lines you can see Gea, a circular suspension lamp designed by LZF co-founder Mariví Calvo, gracefully illuminates the cafeteria area. 
The smart, self-possesed and clean-cut Gea is the perfect companion to good conversation.
In the image below, Gea is complemented by Cosmos , its dapper and steadfast companion. A harmonious pair, Gea and Cosmos are versatile lamps that provide warmth and visual appeal.
At the Office of Employment, the interiors have been created to offer a feeling of comfort and well-being. Always looking into favouring creativity and inspiration, they certainly achieve their aim.   

Handmade from wood veneer, Gea and Cosmos work to inspire a sense of connection with nature. Casting a soft and soothing glow, their colourful veneers enhance the different spaces, while delineating the purpose of each space: to create, relax and dine.
At Université du Management these lounges aim to be a place where ideas and conversations freely flow. Trying to provide students with several spaces where they can work or simply relax, this university really stands out.
So, at LZF we aim to design lighting that is capable of inspiring people. We work to create lamps that will speak without words, encouraging individuals to dream big, whatever the goal.  
Photos courtesy of French company L’Espace.