LZF Lamps | German Design Award 2017 | Dandelion and Swirl Win

LZF is thrilled to announce that its Dandelion pendant by German designer Burkhard Dämmer has won the prestigious German Design Award 2017. This premier accolade is conferred on projects that embody innovation, making a valuable contribution to the German and international design world. In addition, LZF’s Swirl pendant by Irish designer Ray Power was accorded a Special Mention by the German Design Council.

The German Design Award is conferred by the German Design Council, a world-renowned centre of design expertise. Supported by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the German Design Council consistently and proactively champions good design.

LZF Lamps | German Design Award 2017 | Dandelion and Swirl Win

The Dandelion’s German Design Award follows the light’s prominent 2015 Chicago Good Design Award. In creating his award-winning light, Burkhard Dämmer found inspiration in the illustrations of organisms by German biologist Ernst Haeckel, in the book Kunstformen der Natur.

Dämmer’s captivating handmade Dandelion lamp is a radiant composite of many single geometric floret-like shades, each one enveloped by LZF’s wood veneer.  Bearing a resemblance to a shape found in nature, the Dandelion pendant’s individual florets rise and fall in tandem from its core, coalescing in one collective and brilliant whole. In its clever design, every shade hides a 4 w Cob LED creating 360 degrees of direct illumination. The effect is striking and when lit, the Dandelion pendant truly comes alive.

LZF Lamps | German Design Award 2017 | Dandelion and Swirl Win

The Swirl pendant by Ray Power strikes a handsome profile. The handmade light’s sculptural shape results from Power’s astute understanding of geometry and an ability to create unique three-dimensional forms using wood veneer. Conveying the aesthetically pleasing properties of light and wood in unison, Swirl’s unique design is deserving of its Special Mention.

LZF is ecstatic and thankful to have both the Dandelion and Swirl pendants as part of its family of handmade wood veneer lamps.

Written by Gerard McGuickin