Our suspension and wall lamp Cervantes, designed by Burkhard Dämmer has won 2018 Silver award for Home Interior Lighting category and Gold award for Illumination category by the European Product Design Award.

In LZF, we couldn’t be happier to announce such recognition both for Burkhard Dämmer and our ‘Cervantes’ lamp. 

European Product Design Award: a recognition to effort.

The European Product Design Award aims to recognize the effort of talented creatives around the world, whose main goal is to improve our lives thanks to their well-destined and practical designs. 
Our ‘Cervantes’ lamp was inspired by the figure of Señor Miguel de Cervantes, a well-known Spanish novelist and dramatist who was fond of his ruff collar. That collar inspired Burkhard Dämmer to create a ruff-like patterns, with its elaborate figure-of-eight folds that sets into a luminaire shaped like a concave lens. The wood veneer strips make the ideal light diffuser for this noble light. 
Therefore, this award is a recognition to designers effort and talent that we’re very happy to show off. ‘Cervantes’ is proof that sustainability and style can work in perfect harmony.  
You can see more at their website and learn about Cervantes by clicking here