Twenty-Four Hours’ is a series of ten creative short films. Each film spotlights a different LZF lamp and offers a glimpse into ten individual worlds, prompting the viewer to ponder over the protagonist: is it the lamp or the people involved? In essence it is both. Every natural wood veneer lamp that is handmade by LZF will become a daily part of someone’s environment, even those larger-than-life lamps that turn heads (such as Koi and Candelabro). As with any well-designed object, an LZF lamp leaves room for the user’s self-expression. In ‘Twenty-Four Hours’, each short film perfectly encapsulates the relationship between people and light. 

Twenty-four hours

Paula Giménez Monar and Adrián M. Almonacid.

Twenty-Four Hours’ is the first project by graphic designer/art director Adrián M. Almonacid of Martínez Siesta and film-maker/editor Paula Giménez Monar (the duo also worked in collaboration with art director Anna Romero of Anna Scott). When imagining the project, Adrián and Paula were particularly inspired after reading these words: ‘A lamp produces light, and light, although it cannot be touched, is deeply present.’ ‘Twenty-Four Hours’ is based on everyday occurrences. Shot using a single front aspect, each film beautifully captures familiar scenes, real stories, and relatable characters.

Adrián M. Almonacid put together a compilation film that captures the essence of ‘Twenty-Four Hours’.

Twenty-Four Hours’ features a stellar cast of LZF lamps: Tomo, Lens, Dune, Eris, Maruja, Estela, Oh! Line, I-Line, Lola, and Swirl. Adrián and Paula show every lamp switched off, as a decorative object, and switched on. When illuminated, the natural wood grain is especially pleasing. We see the lamps at home, in an office, restaurant, and workshop, with people engaged in a myriad of tasks and activities. Above all, each short film highlights the tactile nature of an LZF lamp, and the sense of belonging it helps to engender.

Watch the entire collection of ‘Twenty-Four Hours’ films.