With a joyous love for craftsmanship and design, LZF charmed visitors to its booth at Feria Hábitat València and enthralled partygoers during a ‘Night at the Museum’, with a soirée in Valencia’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Feria Hábitat València

At Feria Hábitat València, LZF presented its new collection of handsome luminaires on a set designed by Imanol Calderón Elósegui and Marta Alonso Yebra of Mayice. Eschewing the standard booth template often found in large exhibition spaces, LZF and Mayice crafted a somewhat surreal home-like setting with the protagonists—the lamps—stars of the show. 

Feria Hábitat València

The LZF booth at Feria Hábitat València designed by Mayice.

Strolling across the booth, visitors enjoyed a vibrant lighting pageant, a display of LZF’s brand new models and more recent designs, including: the Omma suspension, table, floor, and wall lamps by Eli Gutiérrez and Gutiérrez’s Kasa table lamp, the vertical and horizontal Dune and Estela lamps by Mayice, the Sushi lamp by Ray Power, an array of Black Note lamps by Ramón Esteve, and the fresh and bijou Tomo small lamp by MUT.


Omma 1 Leaf table lamp and Omma 3 Leaves suspension lamp by Eli Gutiérrez.


Estela large, medium, and small by Mayice.


Sushi by Ray Power is finished in two veneer colours.


Kasa table lamp by Eli Gutiérrez.

The feeling of Utopia

Mayice’s design for the Feria Hábitat València booth built upon an original and award-winning concept first presented at Casa Decor 2022 as ‘Utopia’. A dreamlike space that featured an artistic collage of LZF’s lamps, the concept was based on finding spaces within spaces. Combining natural materials with organic shapes, LZF’s Feria Hábitat València booth imagined a number of delightful living spaces: places to work, lounge, and entertain. The booth was built using a sustainable modular system, with a smart design that is both adaptable and recyclable. From Casa Decor to Feria Hábitat València, it will be used afresh at the upcoming Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt am Main. The booth’s concept is an example of LZF’s resolute commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability.

Black Note

The display featured more recent LZF designs, including the Black Note Triplet floor lamp (nearest, right) by Ramón Esteve.

Night at the Museum

During the week of Feria Hábitat València, on 21st September LZF hosted a ‘Night at the Museum’ in collaboration with Gandia Blasco. As part of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, LZF is showing pieces from its impressive Life-Size collection and its majestic Candelabro in the grand foyer of Valencia’s Museum of Fine Arts. These contemporary sculptures sit alongside imposing artworks and statues by Spanish artists such as José Benlliure, Ignacio Pinazo Martínez, and Antonio Muñoz Degraín. 

Night at the Museum, Big Bird

Big Bird (vertical) by Isidro Ferrer.


Koi designed by Inocuo The Sign in collaboration with Mariví Calvo.

Night at the Museum, Candelabro

The Candelabro by Mariví Calvo.

The august museum setting welcomed an eager crowd, a hip gathering of Valencia’s creative minds. With a rhythmic mambo soundtrack and assortment of gastronomic fare, a ‘Night at the Museum’ saw past legendary artists let their hair down with a new generation of creatives.

Party people.

Night at the Museum

Foodie eats.

Mariví Calvo, LZF co-founder and Creative Director (centre).

Night at the Museum

Valencia’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Dance the mambo with the Night at the Museum’s playlist, curated by LZF co-founder Sandro Tothill, on Spotify.

Images credits:

Feria Hábitat València booth photos by Cualiti.

Night at the Museum photos by DESFICI Studio.