For those with a passion for exploring one-of-a-kind accommodations, we warmly welcome you to embark on an exhilarating journey through some of Europe’s most breathtaking design hotels. These establishments boast a harmonious fusion of refinement, delectable gastronomy, and coziness.

These remarkable establishments provide a fantastic chance for passionate travelers to explore stunning destinations that will create a lasting impact.

By immersing yourself in the charm and allure of these design hotels, you will not only relish a unique experience exclusive to these properties but also gain valuable insights and inspiration for your future travel plans.

1. Destination: Gemeinde Weiden am See, Austria

Hotel: Nils am See

LZF Lamps: Bird Horizontal and Bird Vertical by Isidro Ferrer


2. Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark

LZF Lamps: Dune Horizontal and Eris Suspension by Mayice Studio

3. Destination: Marbella, Spain

Hotel: Claude Hotel

LZF Lamps: Koi by Inocuo The Sign & Mariví Calvo

4. Destination: Engelberg, Switzerland

Hotel: Waldegg Hotel

LZF Lamps: Orbit by Miguel Herranz and Nut and New Wave by Ray Power

5. Destination: Opatija, Croatia

LZF Lamps: Spiro by Remedios Simón, I-Club Slim by Burkhard Dämmer and Link Floor by Ray Power

The significance of lighting in the interior design of hotels

Proper lighting design is an essential component of hotel interior design, as it holds the power to significantly influence the ambiance and functionality of the space. 

The appropriate lighting can accentuate the aesthetics of architectural and design features, while subpar lighting can render the room uncomfortable and uninviting. 

Interior designers need to exercise utmost caution in illuminating hotel spaces to ensure that it heightens the mood and perception of guests. Designer lamps, such as the handcrafted lamps by LZF, can create an unparalleled and unforgettable experience for guests by imbuing the atmosphere with a warm and elegant aura.

6. Destination: Bodrum, Turkey

LZF Lamps: Poppy and Pod by Burkhard Dämmer

7. Destination: Helsinki, Finland

LZF Lamps: Totem by Burkhard Dämmer

8. Destination: Soria, Spain

LZF Lamps: Agatha Large by Luis Eslava Studio and Totem by Burkhard Dämmer

9. Destination: Amsterdam, Netherlands

LZF Lamps: Koi by Inocuo The Sign & Mariví Calvo

10. Destination: Scuol, Switzerland

LZF Lamps: Minimikado by Miguel Herranz