A selection of LZF’s lamps were included in a contemporary office project, carried out by the Spanish studio Be_De_O RELATIONAL, for PINSOS URSA S.L. (a manufacturer of food for animals). The company’s offices are located in an industrial area of Lleida, in Catalonia. When designing the space—consisting of a mix of private and open-plan offices, meeting rooms, and leisure areas—Be_De_O sought to achieve a timeless, functional, and ecological concept, that would convey a sense of well-being.


LZF’s Stitches Bamako and Tombuctú designed by Burojet, in PINSOS URSA’s offices.

At LZF, we understand the significant role played by light in promoting health and well-being, across a range of environments. Well-designed lighting is not only the preserve of the home or high-end hospitality sector—it is equally important in a commercial setting, such as a place of work. The office environment has a direct impact on an individual’s well-being and productiveness. When designing and creating an office, it is important to consider a number of factors, including space, acoustics, and light.

Be_De_O, LZF lamps

LZF’s Skyline suspension designed by estudi{H}ac, in PINSOS URSA’s offices.

At PINSOS URSA’s HQ, corporate colours were used throughout the office spaces. Unique elements, including lighting, sound panels, graphics, and signage, were included. For PINSOS URSA, the main objective was to offer its team a home, something different from the norm, where every individual would feel comfortable in their place of work. Rather than adopting a conventional office blueprint, Be_De_O conceived PINSOS URSA’s workplace as adaptable, dynamic, and fresh, one that would promote personal health and wellness. It was important that the space would accommodate an array of working preferences and furnishings, and provide a choice of work-based settings.

Studio Be_De_O, contemporary office project

LZF’s Link Chain designed by Ray Power and Stitches Bamako designed by Burojet, in PINSOS URSA’s offices.

Be_De_O ensured the overall office space maintained the essence of PINSOS URSA’s natural products. As such, materials, furniture, and lighting were carefully selected for their natural character and sustainability. Every one of LZF’s lamps is handmade using FSC certified natural wood veneers. With a timeless quality, they add character and warmth to any space, as evidenced in the finish of the PINSOS URSA HQ.

LZF lamps, office project

LZF’s Skyline suspension designed by estudi{H}ac and Lola suspension designed by Ray Power, in PINSOS URSA’s offices.

contemporary office project

LZF’s Stitches Tombuctú designed by Burojet, in PINSOS URSA’s offices.

Be_De_O, LZF

LZF’s Lola suspension designed by Ray Power, in PINSOS URSA’s offices.

All photos courtesy of Be_De_O RELATIONAL.