Located in Burgenland, Austria, NILS am See is a new boutique hotel that recently opened. This thoughtfully designed project is close to popular culinary destinations such as “Das Fritz” and “Blaue Gans”, boasting an unbeatable booking situation. The hotel underwent a year and a half of intensive construction, resulting in an (almost) energy-autonomous and sustainably designed space. With its resonant name, NILS am See accommodates 66 rooms of various categories and is situated near the lake.

A place of refuge that can be enjoyed throughout the year

The moment you step into the foyer of NILS, you’ll immediately notice the meticulous attention to detail, genuine craftsmanship, and hard work that went into its design. The subtle colour scheme, generous use of natural materials like wood, and expert interplay of light and decor elements create a welcoming and elegant ambience with a relaxed vibe. Architects HALBRITTER & HILLERBRAND designed the building, while the interior design was carried out by Jürgen Hamberger of Mezza-Maiso, alongside Stefan Bayer, one of the two NILS partners.

According to Lucas-Maximilian Lammel, the second partner, NILS aims to provide a tranquil hideaway where guests can feel at home and relax. The hotel offers more spacious rooms than usual, providing a comfortable and homely atmosphere that encourages guests to unwind and recharge. The lobby, bar, and restaurant areas serve as an extended lounge with diverse seating options. During the colder months, the fireplace is the centrepiece, creating a cozy ambience for reading and relaxation. The foyer features two remarkable Big Bird lamps designed by Isidro Ferrer, the LZF‘s impressive light sculptures made of wood and accompanied by other light globes, highlighting nature-inspired elements in the space.

NILS offers a variety of activities for its guests, including wine tastings, cultural events, shopping trips, and various sporting activities in the surrounding region. The hotel is also an ideal venue for corporate events, with a spacious seminar room located nearby.

The concept of sustainability is thoroughly convincing

The NILS am See is a boutique hotel prioritising sustainable practices in its design, planning, and operations. The hotel utilises a photovoltaic system for most of its electricity needs, with 100% green electricity purchased from the region. Underfloor heat pumps provide heating and hot water, saving 40% of the energy used in washing machines. The hotel collects food waste from the kitchen to convert it into biodiesel and has 17 electric charging stations in its underground car park. The hotel’s partially landscaped façade also provides cooling and a home for various animal species.

To furnish the hotel, the operational team worked as much as possible with regional companies and utilised sustainable or recycled materials. For example, the floor lamps in the rooms have shades made from recycled marine plastic, and the sculptural Big Bird lamps are handcrafted from FSC-certified white elm wood by master craftsmen in Valencia, Spain.

The NILS offers a culinary program that features mainly regional food, including a rich breakfast and snacks served throughout the day. In addition, the hotel’s sustainable practices and emphasis on regional partnerships make it a standout destination for eco-conscious travellers.

According to Alexander Youssef, General Manager of NILS am See, the location provides a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation throughout the year. Furthermore, the project’s concept is based on sustainability, consciousness, and diversity, making it an ideal refuge close to popular destinations like Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava, including the airport. What else could one desire?

Photography Copyright: Christian Husar and Alexlangphoto